Chi Performance Golf with Jayne Storey

In this podcast Peter and Jake talk with Jayne Storey from chi-performance GOLF about how the essential principles of Tai Chi and the Martial Arts enable not only golfers, but athletes in all sports, musicians and dancers, to reach peak performance through awareness and relaxation techniques to unite the mind and the body.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Jayne’s background in Tai Chi and golf
  • Parallels between the bio mechanical grounding principles of golf and Tai Chi
  • Stillness and the control of motion
  • What set Jack Nicklaus apart from other golfers
  • Awareness as opposed to mind control
  • The biochemistry of performance under pressure
  • How analysis interferes with timing
  • Breathing as a means of overcoming the stress response
  • Importance of abdominal or navel breathing
  • The difference between a good swing and a default swing
  • The maximum time the average person can be in the ‘now’ or ‘zone’
  • Breathing to assist timing and power

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Visit chi-performance GOLF

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