Emotional Stability as the Key to Great Golf with Tim Kremer

Peter Croker chats with Tim Kremer President and Founder of Spirit of Golf, and PGA and LPGA mentor, about the importance of maintaining a positive emotional attitude and self-belief when playing and coaching golf, and how these factors separate truly great golfers from those with a similar natural ability.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Golf as an emotional game and the need to get into that “emotional” good place
  • Mood and negative thought and the way it plays through us
  • How the body moves in relation to our emotional state
  • Why people plateau
  • The role of belief in achievement
  • Not using performance to judge your belief in your ability
  • Junior golfers with a positive belief in their performance are those that thrive
  • Emotional stability preceding and leading to enhanced performance
  • Going neutral by using breathing to create calmness and acceptance
  • Golf as a joyous and happy experience
  • Biofeedback as an aid to supplement a positive emotional state.
  • Optimizing emotions to assist and enjoy the learning process
  • Patience and understanding the nature of gradual improvement
  • Meditation as an all-day everyday practice

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