Overcoming Incredible Adversity to Become the World’s Number One with Joe Hallett

In this Podcast Peter Croker chats with Junior and Ladies PGA Golf Coach Joe Hallett about Joe’s coaching career, most particularly as coach of Stacey Lewis who overcame a major ongoing physical condition to become the World’s number one Women’s golfer.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Joe’s background on the mini tours and why he became a golf teacher.
  • Joe’s involvement with coaching juniors to seasoned golfers at the Vanderbilt Legends Golf Club in Tennessee
  • The influence of Bob Koski, Jimmy Ballard and Joe Lopez
  • Joe’s time as PGA Director of the Learning Center at Port St Lucie
  • Coaching players such as Angela Stanford, Luzette Sallas and Stacey Lewis in the victorious US team’s 2015 Solheim Cup victory
  • Coaching Stacey Lewis to become the 1st US Player to become Women’s number one in 18 years
  • How Stacey Lewis helped him to become a much better coach
  • Stacey Lewis’s major physical health condition and how it made her a great short game player
  • Stacey Lewis’s detailed training regime
  • The importance of being able to play shots you can count on
  • How elite women golfers are able to achieve such power in their swings
  • The necessity of keeping the arms in front of the body and maintaining the upper body triangle
  • Building on the strong parts of your game
  • The 3 questions Joe asks every golfer at the start of each year

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