Do you think your golf game is good or fair?

In fact, you could play so much better!

Take this quick test to see where your golfing is at:

Do you do a few great shots occasionally – which you can not reproduce consistently?

Did you ever get a golf lesson that left you in more uncertainty than you had before?

Have you experienced back pain or joint soreness after playing?

Did your handicap not improve over a period of time?

Have you found that golf is quite a complicated subject ?

If you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions, then I have exciting news for you!

My name is Peter Croker.

I have been a touring professional, PGA golf coach, and author of three golf books and many ebooks and video programs. My articles have been published in various magazines in Australia and worldwide, and I was featured on the cover of Golf Digest US.

But foremost, I was driven by a burning desire to find truly workable solutions for the problems mentioned in the above test. To enable fellow golfers like you




    to hit good shots consistently


    to gain certainty about each phase of the game


    to reduce the strain on your body significantly


    to improve your handicap


    to make your golf game fun and rewarding  to play

    Today we turn our car key and go where we want to go. We bring light to our homes by simply clicking a switch. We phone someone in a remote country and connect within seconds. And what makes this possible? It is science – science that can be EASILY applied by everybody.

    But what about the science of golf?

    There must be deep-rooted answers to the difficulties and uncertainties that many golfers are troubled with, right?

    So I started a research project that has evolved over many years. My objective: to discover the scientific basics of golf. You see, golf is a game of motion! Just like car engineers understand each moving part of the engine, I longed for grasping every motion that occurs in the golf swing. Straight motions, rotations and whatever else had to be explored.

    Oh yes, it was A LOT of hard work. But step by step I got closer to the true secrets of the golf swing. And finally, I had it all: a full understanding of each phase of the swing and game … how to apply it … how to let others like you gain a thorough understanding of it … and how to turn your knowledge to real wins and successes on the golf course. For every golfer!

    And believe me: these discoveries are less difficult to grasp than you might expect. You don’t have to be a scientist for that. Not at all. Each phase – like putting, chipping, pitching, and the full swing  – have has just a few basic principles and rules. Watching my videos makes it easy to understand these principles. You apply these rules and your golf game will be greatly improved!

     Golf Digest called it “Your the swing of the future“.

     The Golf Channel reported it asthe most talked-about move in golf“.

    Golf Tips Magazine referred to it as the ultimate swing key“.

    Bob Ford
    Seminole Golf Club
    Bobby Jones Award Winner

    I have known of Peter Croker for the past twenty years. I have come to know Peter the past five years. Peter is one of those rare instructors who can do what he asks his students to do. A very passionate player AND instructor, always looking for the Grand Secrato!!(Great Secret) He is Professional, Personable, Polite, Proper, Pleasant, and most of all, Knowledgable! Peter has helped me personally, as well as helping me help some of my more dedicated students, I am greatly indebted to him for his kind and generous help. I always look forward to his migration to the States! Rarely do we meet someone so committed to helping golfers of all levels, Peter is one of those rare breeds. I love the time he affords me to be his pupil, I wish the sun never went down!! He will go down as one of the all-time all time great instructors of our era!!

    John Kennedy
    National PGA Awards
    2017 Bill Strausbaugh Award
    2012 Patriot Award
    2010 Horton Smith Award

    Please accept this as an endorsement of Peter Croker as one of the most effective and committed golf instructors I have come to know in my 46 years as a PGA golf professional. Peter has done the research – and his background as a tournament player gives him a special understanding of both the mechanics of the swing and the ability to perform on the course. Peter was willing to challenge standard beliefs to uncover a system that allows all levels of player the opportunity to make more consistent ball contact sooner than they expect. Peter’s commitment to helping people play better golf – and his desire to share his experience with his fellow professionals sets him apart in our profession. Those fortunate enough to spend time with Peter – or adopting his system – will be better players sooner.

    Joe Hallett
    Coach to Stacey Lewis
    Past Director of Instruction PGA Learning Center

    Peter has once again gone back to the simplest foundation of the most important part of the swing- your approach to the ball!  Getting from A to B will simplify your game, keep your back healthy, and leave a smile on your face round after round!  The “explanations” Peter gives of the swing and how simplistic it is are fantastic! Players get better AND stay healthy!

    Peter Thomson
    5 Times Winner of the British Open
    Forward to Spalding’s Better Golf –
    The Fundamentals

    We can improve our striking technique, improve results, and get better scores with sensible guidance such as Peter Croker presents in this book. Croker has been a keen analyst of technique for many years, collecting data, impressions and images as he went. No one asked more questions of the game’s finest players or delved deeper into the thought behind the successful.

    Martin ChuckMartin Chuck
    Revolution Golf Senior Instructor
    PGA Tour Striker Training Products
    Tour Striker Golf Academy

    I first met Peter Croker over 20 years ago at a coaching seminar he hosted for the Southern California PGA. During that seminar, I immediately knew he had a more refined way of educating professionals and amateurs about the skills necessary to build an enjoyable golf game. His passion for the game showed in the careful words he used to explain how to train a player around solid, reliable swing mechanics. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed my friendship with Peter. I include him as one of my Coaching Mentors and I’m better for knowing him. He’s a classy gentleman who cares for others and still lights up when we talk about golf.

    And if the above successes aren’t enough proof, here is more evidence

    That drill and everything else is working! Wow! Won the net event below – all the other golfers are lower handicappers, the gross winner off 8 and scores in the field went out to well into the 200’s. Even birdied one of the hardest par 4’s with 50  pitch in. Also won A grade the last two Sundays and won the Captain’s knockout  last week… Thank you so much.

    Cheers, Robyn

    This is the best golf system I have seen on the internet… Peter has made the swing so simple. Congratulations.“

    Ron Purvis

    Wow, what a revelation! The single most amazing guide to unlocking the secrets to the golf swing. Many thanks for writing such an amazing book!“

    Steve Bachmann
    Adelaide, South Australia

    Everything now makes perfect sense and I am positive that with your system I will get to a single figure handicap, after many years of frustration and erratic progress.“


    I just want to tell you what a great improvement has happened to my game recently. I’ve had three good rounds in succession, culminating in winning the Pymble 4 ball par event on Wednesday with plus 9 and plus 3 individual, 2 shots off winning that too. I attribute this to your videos and webinars.

    Tony Mountstephens

    What a wonderful program you have developed here. I’m a 20 handicap golf nut who has bought so many instructional books and DVDs and trolled the Internet constantly that I despaired that I would never find a program that would enable me to reduce my handicap. Until I came across your program that is. I find it easy to comprehend… Your instruction from all aspects of this wonderful game is outstanding.“

    Michael May

    THE CROKER GOLF SYSTEM MASTER COACHING ACADEMY has delivered such gains and improvements over and over and over again!

    Here is what you will get :

    THE A TO B GOLF PROGRAM: Provides you with a body-friendly golf swing – powerful and with a high level of control and consistency.

    GET ALL THE ANSWERS YOU WANT: Join in on our regular Q&A Online Training Sessions where we go into detail on a particular aspect of golf instruction. You have the opportunity to ask any questions you have on the topic and your own game.

    INCREASE YOUR SKILLS AT YOUR OWN SPEED: You have full access to all past webinars and previous Q&A sessions.

    FIND YOUR PERSONAL COACHING MENTOR: You can contact Croker Golf System Coaches (including Peter Croker and Chris Becket) plus other professionals who are the best in their fields to help you improve your golf game.

    ACADEMY MEETUPS AND LIVE EVENTS: Meet dedicated serious golfers who also like to share great tips, resources, and discussions through the forum and by playing and practicing together.

    SPECIAL TRAINING WITH SPECIAL DISCOUNTS: Receive priority invitations to Croker Golf System Workshops and Master Schools. You also get up to 10% off the price of workshops and schools.

    DO YOU HAVE THE PROPER TOOLS? Get our information about individual club fitting.

    STAY INFORMED: You will have access to ALL past and future training we do. Every subject will be featured – from putting to bunker play, from mind control to quick fixes.

    Here is a list of very famous golfers: Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Danny Willett, Rory McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Jim Furyk, Francis Molinari, Jason Day and Justin Rose. What do these star players have in common?

    Yes, all these guys are Major Champions.

    But ALL OF THEM have had back problems or joint pain!

    Please note: a healthy spine is critical to being able to play golf your entire life. Certain golf swing techniques put an incredible strain on your back and twist the whole body. Don’t end up in pain as these famous golfers have. Get the exact method on how to put minimal strain on your body while improving the power of your swing!

    The Lower Body turning against the Upper Body leads to stress on the back.
    With the Croker Golf Swing back stress is minimal.

     “… advocates that the body moves in an anatomically efficient manner. Correct posture during stance, backswing, and finish enable the golfer to hit the ball powerfully, placing less stress on the lower lumbar spine“.
    Russ B. Smith
    Head Physiotherapist 1996 Australian Olympic Team

    “Biomedically sound“.
    Fred J. Dolan
    Executive Director
    American Flexibility Institute

    “If you want to improve your consistency and add years to your golfing life, I recommend you give the Croker Key to Golf System a go.“
    Wayne Stevenson (Age 68)

    Do you believe that a healthy and pain-free body is really valuable? Then the Croker Golf System will just be perfect for you!

    I enhanced the golf know-how of an Australian Prime Minister, golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year. My past students have won 26 Major Championships, 149 US PGA Tour Events, 106 European Tour Events and 468 Professional Events worldwide.

    I enjoyed playing alongside champions such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, Peter Thomson, Sam Snead, Gary Player and Greg Norman. I had fruitful discussions with Ben Hogan, Tom Tomasello, Ben Doyle, Paul Hart, Martin Chuck, Arnold Palmer and many others.

    During some 50 years, I have seen any and every error that a golfer could possibly make. The good news: I have found remedies for all of them! No exception. Join the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy and have full access to our flagship KEY TO GOLF step by step program. It contains all there is to be successful in the game of golf. Even advanced golfers will profit tremendously from this. This extensive material alone could be sold easily for hundreds of US$’s.

    And if you sign up now I will make ALL of my other materials accessible to you FOR FREE! To make sure that your golf game improves – no matter what your handicap is, whatever your golfing problem is.

    Additional goodie # 1: Access to the Pain Free Golf Program. For those who experienced painful side effects after playing. It is really possible to avoid pain, strain and long term injury!

    Additional goodie # 2: Access to the A to B Drill Program.  A great program for building power by learning how to really compress the ball.

    Additional goodie # 3: Discover the Laws of Accuracy. You surely don’t want to miss this one !

    Additional goodie # 4: Secrets of the Swing video series.

    Additional goodie # 5: Find out about The Mental Game. What to do if being nervous or lack of confidence spoils your play.

    And so much more!  All of this adds up to hundreds of lessons, tips, exercises, photos, more than 450 videos etc.

    You can access this comprehensive library of high-value golf materials for an incredibly low price.

    But this very special offer will remain for a limited time only. So grab this unique opportunity NOW!



    The Key to Golf Program

    Step by step training in all aspects of Golf – Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play, and a Body Friendly, Consistent and Powerful Full Swing.

    The A to B Drill Program

    The A to B Your One Drill to Better Golf is great program for building power by learning how to compress the ball.  You will gain increased club head speed and significant distance with all of you clubs. The program contains a wealth of information with  27 comprehensive videos plus the 12 Video A to B Webinar Program and How to Train Program.

    The Pain Free Golf Program

    How to avoid pain, strain and long term injury when playing your favourite game, and hitting the golf ball better than ever.

    Learning the Golf Swing - Principles and Practices

    Understanding the how and why of a modern body friendly, power laden, consistent and accurate modern golf swing and its various components.

    450+ Taining Videos

    An extensive library of training videos covering all aspects of the great game built on Peter Croker’s extensive knowledge of golfing experience as a Master Teacher and Coach.

    Step By Step Learning Blueprint for the Swing

    Peter Croker is a great believer in building a swing from the ground up, and he has done so here with incredible precision.
    Starting with the grip and stance, he moves to a thorough explanation of the impact position, the chip shot, the chip pitch, the pitch chip, the full pitch and finally the full swing.

    Complete Golf

    A complete introduction to all aspects of the golf game incorporating, putting, chipping, pitching, the full swing, the rescue wood, and the driver. This is Peter’s latest instructioanl video series.


    Secrets of the Swing

    This series of videos presents the Croker Golf Swing in nutshell.

    The Laws of Accuracy Program

    Sasha Novak’s unique program shows you how to train properly for accuracy and consistency.

    The Mind Control in Golf

    Golf is not just about good technique.  A great golfer must have an unflustered and relaxed approach to the game.  It is a game to be enjoyed, and your state of mind when preparing for and playing the game is so important.

    You can access this comprehensive library of high-value golf materials for an incredibly low price.

     But this very special offer will remain for a limited time only. So grab this unique opportunity NOW!