Use This Simple Drill To Hit It Past Your Playing Partners With More Consistency And Accuracy… Guaranteed!


Testimonials on the  above drill

Best drill and swing thought…ever. Tried it on the range today; worked super on PW through driver. Was hitting the driver 200+ with reduced flight range balls. Not bad for a “super senior.” Whole different feel. Wish I knew this 40 years ago. But, better late than never.

Troy D

Marvelous! I’ve been in golf since 1960 I’ve never seen this drill before. What an enthused golf teacher Peter Croker is. If I lived in his area I’d be on his lesson tee that’s for sure. His wall drill is brilliant as well.


I was able to shoot a Seventy-three after practicing the drill I have learned. Another achievement I`ve made is hitting 13 of 18 greens in regulation. I also almost hit the green with a distance of 5 to 10 yards on the other Five holes. My handicap is a 9 so I don`t shoot 73s all the time. It was not my best round ever, however it was my best in a long time.

Darcy C