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NB: The Beginning Program is also included in the Master Coaching Academy.
The Beginning Program is the right place to start with learning the Croker Golf Swing.


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 NB: The Master Coaching Academy also includes the Beginning Program.
The Beginning Program is the right place to start with learning the Croker Golf Swing.

Is Your Golf Swing Giving You Problems?


Is Your Golf Swing Lacking in Power?


Do You Slice or Pull the Ball?


Is Your Golf Swing Lacking Accuracy and Consistency?


Is Your Golf Swing Liable to Cause You Pain or Injury?


Do You Spend Hours on the Practice Range Without Noticable Improvement?


Do Quick Fixes Not Work for You?


Would You Like a Golf Swing Requiring Less Natural Timing and Physical Agility?


Would You Like to Be Able to Really Compress the Ball?

In the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy, we’ve got the solutions for you.

Golf Digest Cover


The CROKER GOLF SYSTEM SWING was featured on the cover of GOLF DIGEST for a very good reason.

It is EASIER TO LEARN and does not rely on years of training to perform at a high level.

While still an orthodox golf swing, the Croker Golf Swing takes advantage of a golfer’s natural ability to hit the ball using a NATURAL HITTING ACTION.

The swing is built around a series of IDEAL BODY ALIGNMENTS so that the swing finishes in PERFECT BALANCE, thus preventing many of the injuries golfers often suffer from.   In this respect, the swing is very BODY-FRIENDLY.

By following the principals of the Croker swing golfers from amateurs to tour pros are able to hit the LONG, STRAIGHT AND CONSISTENTLY,  to the very best of their ability.


What Sets the Croker Golf Swing Apart?

The Croker Golf Swing is a combination of a SWING and a HIT.  

The clubhead is SWUNG back to a perfectly loaded and coiled top of the swing position from which to HIT  the ball with a natural downswing HITTING action, enabling the golfer to really compress the ball for maximum power.

The natural HITTING action is very similar to throwing a ball, and therefore relies on less timing than most golf downswings.

The HITTING downswing action also ensures clubhead lag for power, without having to try to hold the late hit angle down towards the ball. The harder you HIT the GREATER THE LAG.

Most importantly the swing is initiated and controlled at every stage of the swing by ‘EDUCATED HANDS’. A concept that truly does give the golfer immense control and touch to ensure the golfer really enjoys the HIT.

The CHIP and PITCH Shots are the building blocks of the FULL SWING. As such in building your Full Swing you will have a full well rounded game. All shots will be at your disposal to ensure you make lower scores.

Learn how to really master your golf game with expert guidance and training as a member of our MASTER COACHING ACADEMY.

The perfect way to learn “the HOW and the WHY” of a powerful, consistent, orthodox body-friendly golf swing with minimal timing.

The Croker Golf System is a complete golfing system encompassing putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, rescue club, fairway woods,  driver, and bunker play.


HIGH-VALUE TRAINING – Instant access to over 400 digital training materials that cover different aspects of improving your golf game including programs such as the Beginning Program, the A to B Program, Pain-Free Golf, Key to Golf, The Blueprint of the Swing and more. Not only will you learn the full swing, but putting, chipping, bunker play, club fitting information, and the mental game are all covered. You get access to ALL past and future training we do.

CONTINUAL LEARNING – Join in on our weekly Q&A Online Training Sessions where we go into detail on a particular aspect of golf instruction. You have the opportunity to ask any questions you have on the topic and your own game. Access all past webinar sessions inside the community.  There you will also find all previous Q&A sessions.

COACHING MENTORS – Get direct access to Croker Golf System Coaches (including Peter Croker and Chris Becket) plus other Professionals who are the best in their respective fields to help you improve your golf game.

ACADEMY MEETUPS AND LIVE EVENTS – Meet dedicated serious golfers who also like to share great tips, resources and discussions through the forum and Playing and Practicing together.

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS – Receive priority invitations to Croker Golf System Workshops and Master Schools. You also get up to 10% off the price of workshops and schools.

Peter Croker

 As a golf coach and teacher Peter Croker has taught golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year.  His past students have won 26 Major Championships, 149 US PGA Tour Events, 106 European Tour Events, and 468 Professional Events worldwide. As a tour playing professional he  enjoyed playing alongside champions such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, Peter Thomson, Sam Snead, Gary Player and Greg Norman. During some 50 years Peter Croker has seen any and every error that a golfer could possibly make. As a player, teacher and student of the game he has been driven by a burning desire to find truly workable solutions to enable fellow golfers like you.




    to hit good shots consistently


    to gain certainty about each phase of the game


    to reduce the strain on your body significantly


    to improve your handicap


    to make your golf an enjoyable and successful experience

    Peter Croker Gives a Lesson to the Great Arnold Palmer

    Croker has been a keen analyst of technique for many years. No one asked more questions of the game’s finest players or delved deeper into the thought behind the successful.


    Peter Thomson

    5 Times British Open Winner

    I first met Peter Croker over 20 years ago. I immediately knew he had a more refined way of educating professionals and amateurs about the skills necessary to build an enjoyable golf game. 

    Martin Chuck

    Former Revolution Golf Senior Instructor, Tour Striker Golf Academy

    Rarely do we meet someone so committed to helping golfers of all levels, Peter is one of those rare breeds. I love the time he affords me to be his pupil, I wish the sun never went down!! He will go down as one of the all-time great instructors of our era!! 

    Bob Ford

    Bobby Jones Award Winner, Seminole Golf Club

    Peter’s commitment to helping people play better golf – and his desire to share his experience with his fellow professionals steps him apart in our profession. Those fortunate enough to spend time with Peter – or adopting his system – will be better players sooner. 

    John Kennedy

    Winner of Numerous National PGA Awards



    The Beginning Program

    Learn the fundamentals of golf from the grip to the driver

    The perfect way to learn step by step a powerful, consistent, orthodox body-friendly golf swing with minimal timing.

    Includes putting, chipping, pitching, full swing, rescue club, driver, and bunker play.

    Weekly Q & A Training Videos

    Perfect for beginners, high handicappers, and anyone having trouble with their golf game.

    NB: The Beginning Program is also included in the Master Coaching Academy.

    US$58.00 lifetime access

    Master Coaching Academy

    3Instant access to over 400 instructional and educational videos

    Take your game to a whole new level

    Specialized internet programs

    (A to B Program, Pain-Free Golf, Key to Golf, The Blueprint of the Swing, The Secrets of the Swing, Learning the Swing Principals and Practices and more, including the Beginning Program.)

    Weekly Q & A Training Videos

    Special Golf Webinars


    US$39.95 Month
    US$397 Year


    In Person Teaching and Training

    Internationally renowned Master teacher Peter Croker delivers hands on lessons and workshops on all aspects of golf.

    If you are having trouble with your game Peter can get you back on track as he has done with tour players, professionals and high handicappers worldwide.

    Zoom interactive live online  lessons are also available for students no matter where you are in the world.



    Use This Simple Lesson To Hit the Ball Further With More Consistency And Accuracy… Guaranteed!