Chris Beckett

As a  PGA Golf Professional with over 30 years coaching experience in Australia and Switzerland. Chris Beckett has won 12 PGA Golf tournaments. He has also run golf tours and intensive tours in Switzerland, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal and Italy. 

He is the co-founder of the Croker Golf System. 

Chris aligned his golf coaching methodology with the Croker Golf System early in his coaching career. In 1992 Peter Croker invited him and many other professional golf coaches to come and have a look at his training system. What Peter was saying made sense to Chris and the proof was in seeing how his own game and his students could improve. 

Since then Chirs and Peter Croker have continued to improve, develop and teach the system to students and golf coaches. The superior training is offered globally via an online membership called the Breaking 80’ program.

 What sets Chris apart from other golf coaches is that the majority don’t understand the barriers to learning resulting in misunderstandings for students.

Through Chris’s high level empathetic communication, he is passionate to teach students the right concepts resulting in accurate powerful golf shots. Chris knows what a golf player needs through the use of high speed cameras. He is masterful at bridging the gap of where they are and where they want to go through the creation of a systemized defined plan. Together he clarifies what the golfer’s vision and dream of achieving is, taking this on as his personal mission. His approach is not quick fix oriented rather it is a journey of building a solid golf game with the foundations correctly embedded. 

His vision and belief for his students is that anybody can play great golf when they truly understand what to do and how to train. Chris knows that through the adoption of a systematic way of playing golf, in the right increments and having good fundamental alignments, a student can progress to very high levels in the game. 

Chris is very interested in seeing people succeed. He is honest, community orientated, empathetic and loyal. He is a true coach. His passion for the game is unwavering. He would love to coach a junior, achieve the best in the world. He still has ambitions to get back to competitive golf and reach a level where he can win again. His golf heroes are Greg Norman, Bernhard Langer, and Tiger Woods. Chris lives and teaches golf at Meadowbrook and Redlands, in Brisbane.

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