Peter Croker

Peter Croker is a PGA golf coach and founder of the Croker Golf System. He is a passionate pioneer in Golf coaching, playing and teaching for 50 plus years. As early as 12 he realized he wanted to dedicate his career to golf after caddying for his dad. He also went on to caddy at the Royal Melbourne Golf Club.

Peter was one of the first who developed a golf education program based on “the why”, “the what”, “the how” and “the how to train in golf”. His system has produced revolutionary improvement and results for countless students and other PGA Golf coaches and professionals.

Peter started his career as a touring professional. He has played alongside champions such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, Peter Thomson, Gary Player, Vijay Singh, David Graham, Graham Marsh, Billy Dunk, Kel Nagle, Bob Charles, Norman Von Nida, Paul Runyan, Sam Snead and Greg Norman.

His students have included prime ministers, golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year. Many champions would never have won unless they had not been taught putting from Peter, often just before their tournaments.

He has also spent time with Ben Hogan, Tom Tomasello, Ben Doyle, Martin Chuck, Arnold Palmer and many others.

What separates Peter from other coaches is his enthusiasm and persistence. His passion for wanting to help people through golf, as a vehicle for personal and professional fulfillment. He is a role model that has been in the industry all of his life and at 74 he is still going strong.

Peter has written five books, appeared on the cover of Golf Digest as well as written numerous coaching articles for well known golf magazines and publications.

Since its launch in 1992 Peter and his co-founder Chris Beckett and lifelong friend, mentored by Peter since he was seventeen, have continued to improve and evolve the Croker Golf System.

It is available as an online membership called the Breaking 80’ Program. Please visit the website to sign up:

 Peter and the Croker Golf System Foundation Team, have a global group of dedicated fans and coaches who learn from them. They continue to drive Peter’s mission of expanding the Croker Golf System coaches worldwide.

If you are a passionate coach looking to improve your coaching results for your students, receive marketing and residual income streams and become part of the community of Croker Golf System Global Coaches, reach out to Peter Croker at

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