Bioswing Dynamics Webinar with Mike Adams and Dr Scott Lynn

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5 steps to Cracking the Golf Swing Code and How to find a Students Golf Swing Blueprint
Golf Webinar with 2016 USA PGA Teacher of the Year Mike Adams and Sports Performance Expert Dr Scott Lynn.

In this Webinar you will discover how to:
– increase clubhead speed and power for you and your students
– build better compression on the ball
– customize your golf instruction to fit the student in front of you
– measure a student to find their best stance that leads to power balance and consistency
– measure a students physical makeup that determines their ideal swing path and plane
– use ground force to build compression on the golf ball taking pressure off the back and other body parts
– deliver results for each lesson that will have students telling their friends and coming back for more.

The end result of this webinar is you will learn how to get permanent great results for you and your students.


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