This week is the US Golf Open and we will include a Swing Analysis of this weeks winner in our next publication.

We hope you enjoyed your first edition of Croker Golf Weekly and we look forward to continue helping you with your golf.
Enjoy this weeks lessons and info to help your golf game.

Each week is in the following format.
1. Croker Golf System Lesson of the Week – Tips to help you improve your golf
2. Deal of the Week – Exclusive offers for lessons and products that we think will benefit you.
3. Golf News of the Week – Update of what happened on tour in the last week and more.
4. Golf Swing of the Week – Analysis of one of the Top Golf Professionals in the world by us
5. Croker Golf System Success Story of the Week – Testimony shared by our students around the world.
6. Upcoming Golf Workshops and Schools – An update on upcoming special events and workshops available to you to bring your game to a new level.
7. History of Golf – A small understanding of the origins and customs of golf

Our goal is to connect more closely with you and to be able to help you improve your golf and have more fun playing this great game of a lifetime.
We would love your input in our weekly communication, so if you have any golfing news, testimonies, questions or successes that you are willing to share with us, we would love to include you. Simply send us an email to

1. Croker Golf System Lesson of the Week

Where do you start to build Control, Power and Consistency in your golf swing?

The purpose of this lesson as the next step in becoming a more competent golfer is that it promotes competence and confidence at the start of your golfing journey. In our first Newsletter/Blog, we showed Jim Ferree, USA Champions Tour applying himself professionally to learning the “Chip Shot”

Now we have Ian Bennett, a friend, and passionate golfer, returning to the beginning to advance his total game in what he (and I) believe to be the shortest time, with a guaranteed result.

Ian Bennett discovering the starting point to develop Incremental Accuracy in golf -IMG_6023 from KeytoGolf on Vimeo.

2. Deal of the Week

2 hour Playing Lesson for $99 (60% Discount)

Discover On-Course Strategy – What Shots and What Clubs to play when – How to play “uneven lies,” Fairway Bunkers,” “Reading Greens,” and more with Peter Croker and Chris Beckett. Please call to reserve your place.
Offer ends Midnight Fri 22nd June.

3. Golf News of the Week

Australian PGA Tour:
The Mitchel and Brown Spalding Park Open
Winner: Leigh McKechnie
Runner-Up: Daniel Fox
European PGA Tour:
Shot Clock Masters – Vienna
Winner: Mikko Korhonen – 16 under – 272
Runner-Up: Connor Syme – 10 under – 278
St. Jude Classic 
Winner: Dustin Johnson – 19 under – 261
Runner-Up: Andrew Putnam – 13 under – 267
USA Champions PGA Tour:
Principal Charity Classic – June 8 to 10 – Des Moines, IA
Winner: Tom Lehman – 13 under
Runner-Up: Scott Parel, Bernhard Langer, Glen Day, and Woody Austin – 11 under
LPGA Tour:
Shoprite LPGA Classic
Winner: A Park 16 under
Runner-Up: S Yokomine 15 under
Australian Su-Hyun Oh tied 5th at 12 under
Thailand Open – Jun 7 – Jun 10
WinnerPanuphol Pittayarat – 13 under – 267
Runner-Up: Poom Saksansin – 12 under – 268
Leaderboard: Tour:
Rust-Oleum Championship – Ivanhoe Club,  Ivanhoe,  IL
Winner: Chase Wright – 17 under – won in a play-off
Runner-Up: Alex Prugh – 17 under
4. Golf Swing of the Week

Bryson DeChambeau Golf Swing Analysis with Peter Croker

5. Croker Golf System Success Story of the Week

This space is now available to share your golf learning successes with us all. Going forward we invite you to send us a YouTube “Unlisted” video (easily done using your Mobile Phone) of your “improved swing” and the “Drill” that made it most possible.


6. Upcoming Golf Workshops and Schools

Workshops in Brisbane and Melbourne

5 Day Playing School in November with Chris and Peter

November 12 – 16 at Moonah Links and Surrounding Courses on the Mornington Peninsula (Melbourne) – Details to come in following publications. Register your interest by emailing us at

3 Hour CGS Power Workshop

Using the high-tech MySwing 3D and Balance Plates, we will transform your ability to use your weight and connection with the ground to create at least an extra 3 miles per hour clubhead speed (10 meters more distance) as well as more consistency seeing the ball contact improve and straighter shots

Dates:    Melbourne June 24 – 1 pm to 4 pm,
Brisbane June 25 – 9 am to 12 noon

Cost:     $147 (Normally $197)

Venues: Melbourne – Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Brisbane – Nudgee Golf Course

Incl:       Full Report of Analysis before and after, 3 hours golf instruction, use of MySwing 3D analyser and Balance Plates and Golf Balls.

People: 2 min and max 5

3 Hour CGS Control Workshop

Using our unique “Incremental Accuracy Program” we take each student through the baby steps to build control from short putts and chips, through pitch shots to full swing.

Dates:    Melbourne July 22 – 1 pm to 4 pm,
Brisbane July 23 – 9 am to 12 noon

Cost:     $147 (Normally $197)

Venues: Melbourne – Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Brisbane – Nudgee Golf Course

People: 2 min and max 5

3 Hour CGS Consistency Workshop
Using the high-tech Brain Frequency measuring product of FocusBand and its Apps to help train the brain to frequencies that promote higher levels of awareness, focus and coordination.
Through customised coaching you build an “Address Routine” that helps the processes of relaxation, visualization, focus, and a positive self-belief that assists and delivers optimum results both in practice and on the golf course – plus the added benefit of “having fun” during and following the process.

Dates:    Melbourne August 19 – 1 pm to 4 pm,
Brisbane August 20 – 9 am to 12 noon

Cost:     $147 (Normally $197)

Venues: Melbourne – Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Brisbane – Nudgee Golf Course

People: 2 min and max 5

7. History of Golf

They played by striking a feather-stuffed ball with club-shaped tree branches. Golf was also traced back to the Song Dynasty in China during the years 960 to 1279. The games of these times were not exactly the golf that is known today; the roots of today’s game can be traced back to Scotland in 1457
Written Testimony


Cheers peter I played Riversdale last month and that was the best I have played in a long time. Shot about 90 with 2 birdies and 3 pars. Thanks again for your great lessons and instructions
Adrian S
Hope you have a great week and see you soon

Peter Croker and Chris Beckett

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