In this week’s Croker Golf Weekly we present the Swing Analysis of Paul Casey, Sam Snead and Laura Davies, a Lesson of the Week, details of a limited space Putting Workshop and more



**Only 1 Spot Still Available**

Date: Sunday, September 15
Time; 1 pm to 5 pm1
Venue: Eagle Ridge Golf Course 
Cost: $150 AUD 
Number of Students: 8
Spots Available: 1
In all my years’ studying the golf swing and especially the short game, there has never been such tools available to help develop a quality putting stroke and an ability to read greens and hole putts. These results will be delivered in our Putting Workshop using the High-Tech Computer Analysis Tools of SAM PuttLab and Capto – and much more. I can promise that all who attend will leave the Putting Workshop as better putters.

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Lesson of the Week

Right Hand Bent Drill – A to B Drill
(This video is taken from “The A to B Drill -Your One Drill to Better Golf” which can be purchased at


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PGA Tour Results

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Winner: Paul Casey -14


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Swings of the Week

Paul Casey wins the European Open at Green Eagle Golf Club in Hamburg – 14 under from Matthias Schwab, Bernd Ritthammer, and Robert MacIntyre 13 under

Sam Snead Swing Analysis

Laura Davies Swing Analysis

How to Book a Lesson with Peter Croker or Chris Beckett

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Free Course Management Q & A 

In the next Croker Golf System Q & A session, Peter Croker and Chris Becket will  discuss various
 Key to Golf  Course Management components

They include:
Tee Shots

Pitch Shots
Bunker Shots
Approach Shots
Fairway Shots

10 am Tuesday – Melbourne/Sydney Time
8 pm Monday – New York Time

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All Key to Golf videos for this Q&A session can be accessed from the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy which you can try for 7 days for only $1 at


Peter Croker’s “Pain Free” Success

We received the Cover Story in Golf Digest USA and Worldwide in 1995 following our introduction of a “paradigm shift” in the way to hit a golf ball with solid compression and long and straight to its target.

The added benefit is that it took much-needed stress off the back and other body parts in the process. 

Today we have added the practice of Qi Gong as delivered by Joe Pinella to our Golf Learning and Training Practice.

I have been doing a daily practice of specific Qi Gong Exercises with the express interest in removing pain from 2 specific areas in my body

  1. The pain at the base joint of my left thumb and
  2. Behind my right knee and upper calf muscle

After 85 days of daily practice, I can now report a huge improvement in both areas where I was in pain that restricted my enjoyment in hitting a golf ball and playing golf

Qi Gong is the grandfather to Tai Chi and many other Eastern Practices for body and mind.

I have cured a chronic pain in my lower leg (could not bend down to tee the ball up from my right leg for over 1 year. Many attempts to heal the problem leg had failed – then came Joe Pinella and his Qi Gong Practice.

He was a quadriplegic after a car accident at 42 and confined to a wheelchair by Western Medicine Standards. At 71 he teaches patients to remove pain from their bodies.and is highly successful. After 77 days of doing the exercises, I am pain-free! —

I will share some thoughts and videos here and hope you have the interest and time to view them.

My Blog: – 

Qi Gong Videos
Please check out these short videos from Joe Pinella to gain an insight into Qi Gong and how it integrates so well with the Drills of the Croker Golf System.

Please watch this one first as it sets the scene for the journey ahead.

1 Piece of Paper –

  1. Slow & Gentle –  
  2. Yin Yang Fitness –
  3. Don’t Need Healing –’t%20Need%20Healing
  4. Slow & Gentle –
  5. Learning To Feel Is Real Learning 
  6. Qigong Is More Valuable Than Gold – 

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 If you have any questions please ring me directly on +61415292549 to have your question answered. Competence leads to Confidence, and our aim is to help you build that Competence I hope you gain much for your game from these insights from the Master Coaching Academy, Croker Golf System, and my journey in golf since 1961 starting as a caddy at Royal Melbourne. Great Golfing and Enjoy the Hit! Peter Croker I would like to invite all to view the following