Chatting with the Pro’s Pro – E A Tischler

In this podcast Peter Croker chats with E A Tischler, commonly referred to as the Pro’s Pro, sought after by so many Top 100 golf instructors. E A founded the New Horizons Golf Approach, co-founded Bio Swing Dynamics with Mike Adams and Dr. David Wright, and is the author of many golf instruction books including “Secrets of Owning Your Swing”.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • E A’s background as a golfer in college and on mini tours and how injury set him on the path to golf instruction
  • His golfing trilogy – The Physical Game, The Inner Game and The Mental Game
  • The interview practice to assess where a coach should start on instructing a player
  • The 3 fundamental principles of accuracy, power and feel
  • Owning your swing and owning your game
  • Developing Bio Swing Mechanics with Mike Adams and Dr. David Wright
  • Understanding your body structure and its limitations for best golfing performance
  • The advantage of and how to best use bio feedback devices like FocusBand
  • Using the principles Bio Swing Dynamics to develop a repeatable swing that fits your body and avoids injury
  • E A’s background in gymnastics and martial arts and why Bruce Lee’s chose Wing Chun Kung Fu as a martial art form
  • The influence of Tim Gallwey’s “The Inner Game of Golf” and Homer Kelly “The Golfing Machine”
  • Jason Day’s behind the ball, focused awareness and quiet mind pre shot routine
  • E A’s 3 tips to become a better golfer
  • Ben Hogan’s recipe for golfing success

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