Tao Fan
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Lucky Ball P.E.

Zhan Fang
A CGCoach
Lucky Ball P.E.

The Lucky Ball Junior Golf Club is only the youth golf development institute in China exclusively authorized by Peter Croker’s  Croker Golf System Academy from the Australia,  with schools in Australia, The United States, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.

Peter Crocker is one of the world’s top 100 professional golf coach. He is trusted by more than 10,000 golfers around the world and his students have won more than 30 PGA professional golf events worldwide. His American teachers include:
In Victoria Australia , Peter Croker was awarded the PGA Teacher of the Year. Glenn Deck was the Sandy Kurceba PGA Teacher of the Year in Canada. Cindy Jones was the PGA Teacher of the Year in Southern California, Washington. Cindy Jones was awarded the PGA Teacher of the Year in South Carolina. . Sue Kaffenburg was awarded the PGA Coach of the Year and was awarded as the best coach of the Northeast LPGA. Alan Renz ranked first in the US for courses offered by the Croker Golf System.

The Lucky Ball Junior Golf Club is the youth golf development institute authorized by the Wuhan Sports Bureau and Wuhan Golf Association. It is dedicated to promoting youth golf sports for popularization and development in Wuhan, China. It is the first golf education and training institution in Hubei Province, specially designed for teenagers. The Lucky Ball Junior Golf Club was the official promoter of Campus Golf Sports awarded by the Wuhan Sports Bureau and the Wuhan Golf Association.  It is also the China Golf Association Campus Golf Demonstration Base.

The Lucky Ball Junior Golf Club adopted a comprehensive golf teaching system from Australia, Japan and Korea. Introduced advanced teaching systems and training equipment to educate youth and children’s golf skills and etiquette with fun courses and innovative teaching methods to improve their physical fitness and quality.

The Lucky Ball Junior Golf Club has a team of well-known domestic and international coaches. Specifically for the characteristics of Asian youth and children, we will develop a rigorous studying plan according to the age structure of the youth and children, and active to promote the steady and healthy development of China’s junior golf in the direction of enlightenment, specialization, internationalization and scale.

The Lucky Ball Junior golf course combines exciting games, golf etiquette, rules, basic skills, and actual swings. Through a series of dynamic and static combinations, indoor and outdoor integration, and multi-field happy games to complete our teaching purposes. The teaching content is rich and the participation is high; the teaching is lively and entertaining; in each course, the children achieve physical fitness, develop physical coordination, flexibility, flexibility, endurance and space while gaining unlimited joy. Sense and social ability, create perfect cultivation etiquette, cultivate good psychological qualities,  and let children respond to the challenges of the future society with a more positive attitude.

We are committed to creating an active, interactive and communicative golf, physical activity and communication platform for juniors, so that students can grow up happily in a green and sunny sports atmosphere, gain friendship, health and confidence, and make some excellent young golf players, grow into a future champion stars.


Tao Fan, Male, March 1979, Wuhan, China

Tao is former professional football player in China. Golf training experience 10 years, Junior golf teaching experience 8 years. He trained more than 20000 junior students.

Main Achievement Experience:
2016 China Wuhan open — Golfer
2017 WAGC China Wuhan Gold Silver Lake Golf International Invitational Tournament — Golfer

Zhan Fang, Female, June 1982, Wuhan, China
Golf training experience 7 years, Junior golf teaching experience 5 years. She trained more than 10000 junior students. At present, she has been teaching in the Lucky Ball Junior Golf Club for 5 years.

Main Achievement Experience:
7th CISM Military World Games Golf Testing Contest & Hubei Amateur Golf Open —— Caddie
2019 China National Amateur Golf Tournament, Lushan —– Caddie