Colin Davie

Colin is a passionate golf coach, author, life long learner, world traveler, CEO of Enlight, a leading training management system platform, serial entrepreneur, charismatic communicator and storyteller. 

Colins strongest value is imparting knowledge and changing things that bring about a better world for everyone, including within the Game of Golf. Being able to ignite learning outcomes for the  teams and students he comes into contact with, gives him the greatest pleasure. If he can help people with what they need and want, he believes the rest is easy.

His online training platform Enlight, delivers applied learning facilitated by committed trainers. 4 % of people complete online courses, the industry standard is 20%. Enlight’s success completion rate is 62%. Superior technology to guarantee learning outcomes is the platform’s promise. 

Colin is a foundation member of the Croker Golf System teaching method of Golf to which he was introduced very early on, in his playing and coaching career. Very quickly, Colin realized the Croker Golf System was the fastest thing he had seen in the golfing industry that gets to the root of what is going on with a player’s game. 

Having been mentored and coached by Peter Croker from his late twenties, set him up to absolutely “crush” the golf ball from the beginning. 

Even the greatest golfers in the world have a hard time articulating what they do. It is not easy. Some of them are very close, but they get their cause and effect a little bit muddled up. Through the correct sequencing, delivered by the Croker Golf System, a player is able to understand and focus their attention on what actually causes their result, as opposed to focusing on the effects. 

Colin takes his students right back to what the word Golf means. Golf is not a swing. A portion is a swing, but the rest of it is a hit, it’s a strike. The word Golf comes from the striking game, to move the ball forward with “violence”. 

This is Colin’s goal in his golf coaching and through his  Golf niche brand, Understanding and Mastering Golf, to facilitate the light bulb moments for his students and customers. Imparting crystal clarity on what is going on with their game. Colin and the Croker Golf System Foundation Team of Coaches, are known for helping their students to strike the golf ball so much differently than what is commonly taught. Their students report not only how great it feels to truly compress the golf ball, but how great their game improves through their coaching. 

Currently coaching at the Sunshine Coast Golf Centre, where he is based, Colin endorses the Croker golf System Breaking 80’ online Pathway and Membership. 

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