This week we present the swing of PGA winners Corey Connors and Jin Young Ko, interviews with and highlights of champions, lessons of the week and more in the Croker Golf Weekly.

Lessons of the Week

The Left Hand Grip Drill Without a correctly aligned left hand on the grip of the club, all other swing movements can only be a compensation. When the grip of the club is positioned correctly in the left hand, the club grip and shaft lock in under the “heel pad” of the left. This allows the golfer to have a “SOFT HANDS” grip of the club. In this first “Left-hand Grip Drill” we emphasize the alignment of the left wrist to the top of the grip of the club. When you assist gravity by “uncocking” (thumbs down push) the club shaft moves into line with the left forearm. This correct action of an “educated left hand” will not only drive the clubhead in the correct down and out direction towards the ball, but also triggers the arms, shoulders, hips, knees and feet to move in the correct manner and sequence to make the downswing and strike of the golf ball a fully coordinated action for maximum power and the least stress and strain on all body parts. It truly is a “magic move” and cannot be achieved on a consistent basis without the correct left-hand grip on the club. Insight – Lesson with Curtis Strange

PGA Tour Results

Winner: Corey Connors -20
Winner: Jin Young Ko -10
No Event
Winner: Daan Huizing -16 From: Meghan MacLaren -14
No Event
No event
No Event

Swing of the Week

Corey Connors wins Texas Open 2019 Corry Conners wins the Valero Texas Open at 20 under par from Charley Hoffman 18 under. Cory got into the tournament after a 6 way play-off for the last place in thetournament proper. He birdied the 18th hole for a 68 in the pre-qualifying round and then birdied the first hole in the play-off for the one spot out of the 6 players who teed it up for that spot. His final round in the Valero Texas Open comprised 10 birdies and of those 3 were achieved in the last 4 holes. A true “Cinderella Story” and we can only wish him every success this week at Augusta.

Jin Young Ko LPGA Winner

Interviews with Champions


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