There cannot be a happy destination to an unhappy journey.
There also cannot be anything other than a happy ending to everything wanted when we are joyful and eager along the way.

The work, always, is to feel a fairytale ending before the proof arrives. (From Tim Kremer – Spirit of Golf)

We have the power of choice! As sure as night follows day, anger and all negative response to performance attract more of the unwanted results.

As in QiGong, relax into all that you cannot master and Mastery will be yours.

Homer Kelley said it well when he says ” Both the total and individual pictures must, in their beginnings, be vague and disjointed. But “allow” the paint pots of study and experience to continually and evenly brighten, clarify, and integrate your entire album.

YOU ARE AS ABLE AS YOU CAN CONFRONT! The goal of The Croker Golf Master Coaching Academy is to deliver the Basics required and the blending of the Mind Training with Swing Mechanics. The Drills have been designed for you to go out and experience “instant results ” with your golf game when applying the key Concepts of “Mind Control Golf.”

Ability is directly related to the decision to stay the path laid out both in the Mechanics and the Mind Game as presented in the complete Croker Golf System. It will serve you well to study the Key to Golf Program alongside the “7 Secrets to Mind Control Golf”

Each Drill provides both alignments, understandings, and feelings that lead you to an ability to “play golf out of your Mind!”

Enjoy the opportunity to confront the process as well as the actions involved at each step along the way The Principles of Mind Control Golf will allow you consistent improvement as you continue to apply the drills of both Mind and Swing Mechanics.

For your complete golf education and training please visit The Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy