“When a golfer is afraid, he/she doesn’t perceive.

Most problems arise on the golf course when you think of “what you do not want to do!”

The solution to this is simple. Do not do this!

Visualize only what you want to happen with the golf ball and while the results may not happen in the present moment, there is one thing for certain – the results will become more and more towards what you do want and your need to fear will disappear.


Back in the early 1970’s when I was starting out on the PGA Tour in Australia and New Zealand, I was practicing my short putts on the practice putting green at St Clair, Dunedin, NZ. I had been there for quite a time when I looked up to see Bob Touhy, a well known great putter, watching me intently. I asked Bob for some advice about my stroke. His reply will always stay with me. Bob Touhy said ” Peter – why worry about your putting stroke, it is not the problem. You will miss some along the way, but don’t blame your putting stroke. Just decide where to aim and hit the putt – it will either go in or miss! Why worry – the sun will shine again tomorrow. Fear about a missed putt or shot will only bring about more of the same.

Walter Hagen said, “Never Hurry – Never Worry – and take time to smell the flowers along the way!”

We say “Enjoy the Hit!”

“Definition: Fear is a state of imperception, fear is an unwillingness to confront. If one cannot confront, he cannot become aware of. So, if one is unwilling to confront, then he doesn’t know what he is confronting and he doesn’t see what is in front of him and he can dream up this mirage called ‘” golf is a difficult game.’

The Cure: Confront learning solid fundamentals – drill them to a state of “feel”, visualize the shot you wish to play. replace “fear” with “faith” and “Hit that Ball!”