Swing Analysis of Matt Fitzpatrick, and Jennifer Kupcho, a lesson of the week, and more.

In this week’s Croker Golf Weekly we present the Swing Analysis of US Open winner Matt Fitzpatrick, and Jennifer Kupcho, a lesson of the week on the purpose of the Forward Press and how it relates to the golf swing, and more.

3 Day Golf School at Townsville Golf Club and/or Individual One Day Schools

DAY 1 – Short Game – Putting, Chip and Run Shot, Pitching, Bunker Play
DAY 2 – Consistency Program – Transition to the Full Swing Fundamentals
Day 3 – Effortless Power – Maximising the forces of Momentum, Gravity, and Centrifugal Force

If you suffer from 3 putts, duffed chips, topped pitch shots, and can’t get out of the bunker then day 1 is for you.
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  • All Golf Balls
  • 1 Dinner with Peter Croker and Ian Millican
  • A Solution to your Golf Problems
  • Day 1 Short Game Putting, Chipping, Pitching and Bunker Play 9 am – 5 pm
  • Day 2 Long Game Iron Shots, Longer Fairway Clubs, and Driving 9 am – 5 pm
  • Day 3 Consistency of Routing and Playing on Course 9 am – 5 pm
  • A 3 night Holiday at over 25 destinations around Australia, NZ, and Asia
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Swings of the Week

Matt Fitzpatrick winning swing from all angles

The putt that turned the US Open in favor of Matt Fitzpatrick on #13 (lucky 13)

The shot that clinched the US Open for Matt Fitzpatrick on the 18th hole at The Country Club of Brookline

Jennifer Kupcho wins in a 3 way play-off from Nelly Korda and Leona Maguire – 18 under

Lesson of the Week

The Purpose and Value of the Forward Press and how it relates to the rest of the swing

PGA Tour Results

Winner: Matt Fitzpatrick -6


Winner: Jennifer Kupcho -18

Winner: Norman Xiong -26

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