CGS Foundation Team

The Croker Golf System Foundation Team of Coaches, is led by Peter Croker, a pioneer and PGA Professional with 50+ Years of Golf Coaching Experience! The team are a loyal and dedicated group of golf professionals who have remained connected for thirty plus years, through the Croker Golf System method of teaching. They are known for helping their students to “strike” the golf ball so much differently with better compression and control than the results their students commonly achieved. They set their students on a “Pathway/Journey of improvement.” Golf is one step at a time with many things to learn broken up into small chunks. 

Their vision is a world of golf where golf is easy to learn, easy (less stress) on the body and less stressful on the mind.  

Their students report how great their game improves through their proven golf training sessions and system of coaching. The team all teach golf individually as well as in small group workshops and clinics across Australia.  

They have an online training membership community called Breaking 80 Program. The membership combines an online learning program with comprehensive weekly live Zoom training sessions delivered by Master PGA Professional, Peter Croker (With More Than 50 Years Coaching Experience)  and Master PGA Professional Chris Beckett (With More Than 30 Years Coaching Experience). They are supported by a global community of like-minded, predominantly 50 year old plus golfers, coming together in a single, powerful Coaching Program. They are so confident in your success their Membership guarantees results (or your money back) for students who follow the Program (It works, when you work it).

Within the membership students can access thousands of hours of recorded coach training videos. Click here to learn more.