Who could ask for anything more?

A great golf swing is never jerky. To this end, it is important to develop a rhythm to your swing.

One common method which I use is to do things in threes.

For example, 1, 2, 3, for my forward press, backswing, and hit.

I also like to start the swing with 3 sets of threes. In my swing I do 3 waggles, 3 taps on the ground, a forward press (push forward), backswing (push backswing) and hit. Which I say under my breath. So it’s – 1, 2, 3 or waggle, waggle, waggle, 1, 2, 3 or tap, tap, tap 1, 2, 3 or push, push, hit You can say your names or numbers under your breath while playing, but while practicing it can be beneficial to some players to say the name or number s out loud.

The rhythm of your swing should not be confused with the tempo of your swing. Your tempo relates to the how fast your swing is. Your rhythm, however, might be such that your waggle counts are longer than your tap, tap, tap counts. Eventually, after some drilling, you will establish a rhythm best suited to your physical capabilities and temperament.

This routine stops me overthinking, helps me focus, and certainly helps with the rhythm of my swing. I stop thinking about the swing, get into the feeling of it, and really enjoy the hit.

As part of the golf swing, it is good to have a pre-shot or address routine that sets you up on a consistent basis to the 2 targets

#1 the ball and

#2 the flag or fairway, every time.

It helps to focus and sets up the rhythm of the swing. In my routine, I start from behind the ball, relax in balance and envisage the shot I want to play. I walk to the ball from the side, aim the clubface at the target, take my grip, set my arms, assume my address position by bending from the hips, unlock my knees, and commence my rhythm routine. Then it’s: Waggle, waggle, waggle – Tap, tap, tap – Push, push – Hit!

A great way to ensure you really “enjoy the hit!”

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