Ian Millican

Ian Millican has two passions. Golf, the Croker Golf System Coaching, and Business..

He is a superstar leader, business strategist and golf teacher with an out of this world dedication to help both golf businesses and any golfer, become successful in the industry and the game. His hard work and strategic brain have combined multiple times throughout his career to achieve outstanding results. 

In his early coaching career he trained in the Croker Golf System, finding it to be the most powerful results orientated teaching program on the market. He considers Peter Croker to be one of his golf heroes. 

Armed with a winning step by step coaching and marketing formula he went on to amass thousands of golf lessons over 7 years. He was the busiest golf coach in the world – coaching 10 plus hours a day – 6 & 7 days a week for 7 plus years.

From coaching, he dedicated the next fifteen years to golf retail, as a franchisee in Brisbane. He created a very successful golf retail outlet, which he later sold. 

As a business golf consultant and life long learner he is able to implement winning marketing, leadership and operational strategies to benefit his clients. His current employer, for the last nine years, the Townsville Golf Club was days away from administration when fortunately the committee saw the amazing job Ian was doing at the Drummond Golf shop, where he was invited by a friend from childhood who owned it, to come and work.  His desire to be near and take care of his aging parents was also a motivator to get him back to his hometown. They quickly offered him the head operational and turnaround specialist role. Under his management the club is now thriving. 

Ian has been flown overseas as a business consultant to help golf clubs improve and grow. He is available as a coach in Townsville as well as a global golf business consultant. He is a foundation team member of the Croker Golf System, endorsing the ‘Breaking 80’ online golf teaching membership. He recommends it to all golfers to join. The program aligns with his vision for his students and all students of golf, to commit for the long term and take a long term view of learning, in order to get the best out of their golf game.

Ian endorses the Croker golf System Breaking 80’ online Pathway and Membership. 

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