In Search of the Ben Hogan Swing with Christo Garcia from My Swing Evolution

In this podcast Peter Croker chats with Christo Garcia from My Swing Evolution, the extremely popular golf You Tube channel with over 24000 subscribers and millions of video views. Peter and Christo, both ardent Ben Hogan devotees, discuss Christo’s love of golf, his success in fields other than golf, and his five year journey in learning and developing a swing based on Ben Hogan’s famous book ” The Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf “.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Christo’s introduction to golf by his father and the inspiration of his older brother and role model, Donald
  • His background in Martial Arts and film and television
  • Martial Arts as a means of developing emotional control
  • Working as a professional ballet dancer
  • Viewing his swing on video at the age of 40 and the realization it lead to
  • The importance developing a reliable set of swing mechanics in order to hit the ball with authority
  • How “ The Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf ” changed his golfing life
  • Peter Croker’s meeting with Ben Hogan
  • How sleeping on the couch set Christo on the right path to developing the Hogan swing and making videos
  • How bad his golf got before it started to get better
  • Overcoming being stuck on a learning plateau
  • Breaking par for the first time using breath control and his pre shot breathing routine
  • The hero journey
  • The importance of control to compliment power
  • Finding a system and sticking with it as opposed to trying to learn the golf swing from tips from different teachers

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