In this weeks Croker Golf Weekly we present the swing analysis of PGA Champion Brooks Koepka, a feature on his former coach Warren Bottke, lessons of the week and more.

Lessons of the Week

Doug Croker sharing his realizations with Peter on the “A to B Drill” and when not to think Drill

Bob Ford trains using the “Yardstick Drill” to build the “Educated Hands” for a Chip Shot – February 2018

PGA Tour Results

Winner: Brooks Koepka – 8
No Event
Winner: Brooks Koepka – 8
Winner: Celine Herbin -6
No Event
No Event
Winner: Robby Shelton -15

Swing of the Week

Brooks Koepka Wins the 2019 PGA Championship

Feature Story

Warren Bottke – a past President of the South Florida PGA and original Coach to Brooks Koepka
Warren took Brooks for a 14-year-old to 18-year-old and then Claude Harmon has been his coach since. As you will see in the video, Brooks credits Warren for all he did in setting the foundation

Brooks Koepka & Warren Bottke (Feature) – 2019 Road to the PGA Championship Show

In the picture below, Warren Bottke has the original FocusBand on his head. While Warren was both President of the PGA of South Florida and running his own Golf School at Abacoa Golf Course in Jupiter, Florida, we held a “Mind Training in Golf” School for Warren and his Staff.

Warren has always been interested in learning and providing the best in Golf Coaching Technology for his pupils and when I went to the USA in 2015 to introduce the FocusBand to Golf Coaches as a measuring and training tool for learning how to build better concentration and visualization when playing golf shots, Warren was first to sign-up his Team to learn about the use and benefits of the FocusBand.

Warren is now located at PGA National in West Palm Beach, Florida and is helping golfers of all levels improve their golfing abilities and his passion for coaching Junior Golfers is at an all-time high since the success of Brooks Koepka.
If you are visiting the Palm Beach/Jupiter area I would recommend calling in at PGA National and booking a lesson with Warren – you will have a super lesson and one that will hold lasting memories.

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