Learning With the Brain With Michael Hebron

Peter chats with internationally renowned master golf teacher Michael Hebron. Michael established the first Golf Coaching Conference in the US in 1988 and later conferences around the world. As a National PGA Teacher of the Year Michael has, through decades of coaching experience and intensive multi discipline study, developed a revolutionary approach to golf coaching in which the brain is the gateway to learning the best way to play.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Michael’s Background
  • How Michael Teaches
  • Neuro learning and teaching
  • Learning through shared information
  • Importance of a flexible, portable golf swing
  • Random training as opposed to block training
  • Metaphors and stories in learning
  • Changing insights rather than habits
  • Learning through experiment
  • “Length, lie, loft and lean”
  • Understanding golf as a game of inconsistency

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Michael Hebron’s website
See and Feel the Inside Move the Outside, Third Revsion

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