The MASTER COACHING ACADEMY has any and all instruction materials that a golfer could ask for. If you want to build your swing step by step, or just fix parts of your golf game that are giving you problems, the Master Coaching Academy is for you.  

Under the guiding eye of World-renowned Golf Teacher Peter Croker, the Master Coaching Academy contains a wealth of program material to ensure your golf game progresses to a level you are willing to commit to, be that a recreational golfer or even a seasoned tour pro. 

The Academy is comprised of a series of Programs, each emphasizing different aspects of golf, from the putter to the driver. Programs such as the Beginning Program, Key to Golf, and the Blueprint of the Swing are what might be referred to as step-by-step programs designed to teach you how to build your swing from the ground up. Programs such as Pain-Free Golf emphasize the importance of correct practice and technique to ensure your game does not cause injury and pain and enforced rest.  

Most importantly the Master Coaching Academy will not only provide the HOW, but WHY a successful golf swing works.  This will enable you to become your own best teacher. In the Master Coaching Academy you will meet like minded golfers who understand like you, the joys and frustrations golf can bring. Like most good things in life golf is a journey, and what better place to start or continue your journey than in the Master Coaching Academy. 

In the Master Coaching Academy You Will Find


Over 400 training videos and recorded Q&A and Webinar sessions


Weekly online webinars where you can ask any golf-related question


The time-proven Croker Golf System exercises and techniques, leading to mastery of the swing


Programs with instructions and videos about every aspect of the game


Did you know that to hit the ball LONG and STRAIGHT it is important to be able to COMPRESS THE BALL and perform what is referred to as an ‘IN-TO-OUT‘ downswing? Most golfers however do neither of these things. Most will try to scoop the ball into the air and inevitably swing the club in what is known as an ‘OUT-TO-IN’ downswing path. Not because they want to, but because that is what the body naturally does when you try to swing the clubhead down the target line.  This will usually cause a dreaded slice and a shot lacking in power. In the video below, part of the Master Coaching Academy A to B Program, Peter Croker demonstrates how golf is a TWO TARGET GAME. Once this concept is understood the golfer can start on the path to building a swing that will last a lifetime.  The Croker Golf System will start you on the PATH TO BETTER GOLF so that you can really ENJOY THE HIT!

‘’What a wonderful program you have developed here. I find it easy to comprehend… Your instruction from all aspects of this wonderful game is outstanding.”

Michael May

” That drill and everything else is working! Wow! Thank you so much.

Cheers, Robyn“

” This is the best golf system I have seen on the internet… Peter has made the swing so simple. Congratulations.“

Ron Purvis

Our MASTER COACHING ACADEMY contains all this material – and a lot more.


Each of our Programs contains a wealth of information including video demonstrations, like for example the PAIN FREE GOLF Program.

The head of a golf club can achieve speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. That is a tremendous force that can – if applied unwisely – damage the player’s own joints or twist the spine.

Here is a list of very famous golfers: Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Danny Willett, Rory McIlroy, Brooks  Koepka, Jim Furyk, Francesco Molinari, Justin Rose.

What do these star players have in common?

Yes, all these guys have won at least one Major Championship.

But all of them had back problems or joint pain!

Our golf system is DIFFERENT and tailor-made to the vulnerabilities of the human body. As these testimonials state:

” … advocates that the body moves in an anatomically efficient manner. Correct posture during stance, backswing and finish enable the golfer to hit the ball powerfully, placing less stress on the lower lumbar spine. “

Russ B. Smith

Head Physiotherapist 1996 Australian Olympic Team

” Biometrically sound “

Fred J. Dolan
Executive Director
American Flexibility Institute

”If you want to improve your consistency and add years to your golfing life, I recommend you give the Croker Golf System a go.“

Wayne Stevenson (Age 68)

So, don’t end up in pain like those golfers who didn’t know better. They are suffering due to an improper swing technique. Find out how to do it correctly!


From the Master Coaching Academy Pain Free Golf Progam.
Comprising 35 Videos. How to avoid pain, strain, and injury when playing your favorite game while hitting the ball better than ever.

Our Master Coaching Academy contains even more. For those who want to know it all. For anybody who is set to really master the game. For the player who is determined to leave his or her current game level behind.

And this can be achieved – at your own pace – with the Croker Golf System collection.

More than 400 short videos demonstrate any and every phase of the game. Watch one video … then apply it … watch the next one when you are ready for it. Learning at your own personal speed always brings you the best results.

Want to improve putting or chipping? It’s time to straighten out your full swing? Need to learn about bunker play? Or do mental barriers cast a cloud over your game?

The answers are all here – in the Master Coaching Academy

The Platinum Level entitles the subscriber to a monthly one-on-one online lesson with Peter Croker, Chris Beckett or other high-skilled CGS Professional.

Both Gold and Platinum Levels encompass ALL programs, (including the BEGINNING PROGRAM), instructions, videos, Q and A sessions, and webinars.

Why You Should Seriously Consider Joining the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy

Unless you have or develop sound golf swing basics that deliver consistency, accuracy, and sufficient power you will probably not really enjoy golf beyond being a mere social outing.   Players have become extremely frustrated with the game to the point of wanting to give it up.   Believe me, we have all been there.

And something can be done about it. The video instructions and tutorials of the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy will set you on the right path towards a most rewarding golfing journey. All answers are there, providing you with the high-precision knowledge, procedures and techniques.

Golf is very much a game of cause and effect.   It is also very unforgiving.  For example, you cannot expect to hit a straight shot or a shot with a nice draw on the ball if you have what is known as an “over the top swing”.   No matter how many times you try to make the ball go straight it will always slice – it is a simple matter of physics.

The great Albert Einstein is quoted as saying

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And so it is with golf.   Before you can really do something successfully you must know

  • how to do something
  • why you should do it that way
  • how to avoid doing what you should not do.

Let’s take a look at the golf swing. The 2 most important principles to ensure consistency, accuracy and sufficient power are

  1. An “inside out” downswing path
  2. Being able to compress the ball at impact

Unfortunately, neither of these things occurs naturally when a beginning golfer starts out.   Even among golfers who have been playing for many years probably 80 to 90% don’t get these 2 things right. Without an understanding of what is required and the right coaching to get there, they never will.

It is not as though people do not want desperately to have consistency, accuracy, and power. Go to any driving range and you will see people hitting the ball for hours on end, unfortunately reinforcing bad habits.

A good golf swing starts with structure. Make no mistake, without the proper structure – a good grip and solid balanced stance – everything else will be compensation.   You might eventually get there without solid structure but it might take years of trial and error.

The moment of truth in any golf swing comes at the point of impact. Get this right and you will be in golfing heaven. Get it wrong and the sliced weak shot will let you know in no uncertain terms.

You have to know WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHY you need to do it.

A golf swing, although a smooth uninterrupted motion, is nevertheless comprised of many parts – any one of which can go wrong and muck up the rest of the swing.

A successful impact will only happen if the downswing is on the correct path. And the hands have to be in front of the ball when the clubface makes contact with the ball at impact.     This will only happen with a successful downswing.     Well before this, the take-away must ensure that the club is not pulled to the inside. If it is, without compensation, you will not be on the proper downswing path.

Golf is a wonderful game but it does not just rely on athletic ability.   To get it right it must be learned.   The Croker Golf System Academy is the perfect place to learn.