This MASTER COACHING ACADEMY has any and all instruction materials that a golfer could ask for. Whatever your level is, you will find what you need to get better and better – step by step, easy to follow. Learn efficient techniques and insider know-how. Do a few key exercises at home; they do make a BIG difference and prepare you well to enjoy your time on the golf course.

Note: this is not just any of many golf schools. Our program is DIFFERENT.

Designed to bring you constant progress. Simple but very effective. And it’s based on scientific research (more about that later).

Successes with our system can come as fast as this:

A very famous golf master got a short instruction from me. 15 minutes only. Then he could not believe his eyes: he hit the ball 20 or 30 yards further!

Just the other day there was a 15-year-old boy, never able to score less than 100 for 18 holes. After my first lesson with him he scored 97.

One lady couldn’t hit the ball further than 80 yards in the air. She had one single lesson from me which took less than half an hour. Right after that, she hit further than 100 yards with effortless power!

What are you about to get here?


Over 420 training videos and recorded Q&A and Webinar sessions


Weekly online webinars where you can ask any golf-related question


The time-proven Croker Golf System exercises and techniues, leading to mastery of the swing


Programs with instructions and videos about every aspect of the game


‘’What a wonderful program you have developed here. I find it easy to comprehend… Your instruction from all aspects of this wonderful game is outstanding.”

Michael May

” That drill and everything else is working! Wow! Thank you so much.

Cheers, Robyn“

” This is the best golf system I have seen on the internet… Peter has made the swing so simple. Congratulations.“

Ron Purvis

Our MASTER COACHING ACADEMY contains all this material – and a lot more.


The Platinum Level entitles the subscriber to a monthly one-on-one online lesson with Peter Croker, Chris Beckett or other high-skilled CGS Professionals.

Both Gold and Platinum Levels encompass ALL programs, (including the BEGINNING PROGRAM), instructions, videos, Q and A sessions, and webinars.

Each of our Programs contains a wealth of information including video demonstrations, like for example the PAIN FREE GOLF Program.

The head of a golf club can achieve speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. That is a tremendous force that can – if applied unwisely – damage the player’s own joints or twist the spine.

Here is a list of very famous golfers: Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson, Danny Willett, Rory McIlroy, Brooks  Koepka, Jim Furyk, Francesco Molinari, Justin Rose.

What do these star players have in common?

Yes, all these guys were Number One golfer in the world once.

But all of them had back problems or joint pain!

Our golf system is DIFFERENT and tailor-made to the vulnerabilities of the human body. As these testimonials state:

” … advocates that the body moves in an anatomically efficient manner. Correct posture during stance, backswing and finish enable the golfer to hit the ball powerfully, placing less stress on the lower lumbar spine. “

Russ B. Smith

Head Physiotherapist 1996 Australian Olympic Team

” Biometrically sound “

Fred J. Dolan
Executive Director
American Flexibility Institute

”If you want to improve your consistency and add years to your golfing life, I recommend you give the Croker Key to Golf System a go.“

Wayne Stevenson (Age 68)

So, don’t end up in pain like those golfers who didn’t know better. They are suffering due to an improper swing technique. Find out how to do it correctly!

Our Master Coaching Academy contains even more. For those who want to know it all. For anybody who is set to really master the game. For the player who is determined to leave his or her current game level behind.

And this can be achieved – at your own pace – with the KEY TO GOLF collection.

More than 250 short videos demonstrate any and every phase of the game. Watch one video … then apply it … watch the next one when you are ready for it. Learning at your own personal speed always brings you the best results.

The Platinum Level entitles the subscriber to a monthly one-on-one online lesson with Peter Croker, Chris Beckett or other high-skilled CGS Professionals.

Both Gold and Platinum Levels encompass ALL programs, (including the BEGINNER PROGRAM), instructions, videos, Q and A sessions, and webinars.

Want to improve putting or chipping? It’s time to straighten out your full swing? Need to learn about bunker play? Or do mental barriers cast a cloud over your game?

The answers are all here – in the KEY TO GOLF library.

My name is Peter Croker.

Our Golf System is very DIFFERENT. And that’s for a reason:

Today we turn our car key and go where we want to go. We bring light to our homes by simply pushing a switch. We phone someone in a remote country and connect within seconds. And what makes this possible? It is science – science that can be EASILY applied by everybody.

But what about the science of golf?

There must be deep-rooted answers to the difficulties and uncertainties that many golfers are troubled with, right?

Many years ago, I realised what my life purpose was: to discover the scientific basics of golf. You see, golf is a game of motion! Just like car engineers understand each moving part in the engine, I longed to grasp every motion that occurs in the golf swing. Straight line motions, rotations and whatever else had to be explored.

Sure, it was A LOT of hard work. But step by step I got closer to the true secrets of the golf swing. And finally, I had it all: a full understanding of each phase of the game … how to apply it … how to let others like you gain a thorough understanding of it … and how to turn this knowledge to real wins and successes on the course. For every golfer!

Believe me: these discoveries are less difficult to grasp than you might expect. You don’t have to be a scientist for that. Not at all. Each single phase of the game has just a few basic principles and rules. Watching my videos makes it easy for anybody to understand these principles. You apply those rules and your game will never be the same.

Bob Ford
Seminole Golf Club
Bobby Jones Award Winner

“Peter has helped me personally, as well as helping me help some of my more dedicated students. Rarely do we meet someone so committed to helping golfers of all levels.”

John Kennedy
National PGA Awards
2017 Bill Strausbaugh Award
2012 Patriot Award
2010 Horton Smith Award

“Please accept this as an endorsement of Peter Croker as one of the most effective and committed golf instructors I have come to know in my 46 years as a PGA golf professional. Those fortunate enough to spend time with Peter – or adopting his system – will be better players sooner.”

Peter Thomson
5 Times Winner of the British Open
Forward to Spalding’s Better Golf –
The Fundamentals

“Croker has been a keen analyst of technique for many years. No one asked more questions of the game’s finest players or delved deeper into the thought behind the successful.”

Martin ChuckMartin Chuck
Revolution Golf Senior Instructor
PGA Tour Striker Training Products
Tour Striker Golf Academy

“I first met Peter Croker over 20 years ago. During that seminar, I immediately knew he had a more refined way of educating professionals and amateurs about the skills necessary to build an enjoyable golf game.”

Joe Hallett
Coach to Stacey Lewis
Past Director of Instruction PGA Learning Center

“Peter has once again gone back to the simplest foundation of the most important part of the swing – your approach to the ball!  Getting from A to B will simplify your game, keep your back healthy, and leave a smile on your face round after round!”

The Croker Golf System has delivered such gains and improvements over and over and over again.

I enhanced the golf know-how of prime ministers, golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year. My past students have won 26 Major Championships, 149 US PGA Tour Events, 106 European Tour Events and 468 Professional Events worldwide. I enjoyed playing alongside champions such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, Peter Thomson, Sam Snead, Gary Player and Greg Norman. I had fruitful discussions with Ben Hogan, Tom Tomasello, Ben Doyle, Martin Chuck, Arnold Palmer, Peter Thomson and many others.

During some 50 years I have seen any and every error that a golfer could possibly make. The good news: I found remedies for all of them! No exception. And they can be found right here in our Master Coaching Academy.  To make sure that your golf game improves – no matter what your handicap is, whatever your golfing problem is.

Are you a golf instructor? Then our past webinars and Q&A sessions might be for you. Not only do they present golf techniques, they demonstrate how to teach as well.

But any player can benefit from these recorded webinars. They show frequent errors and questions from golfers – and effective and successful solutions.

You can even delve into the history of the Croker Golf System. It all started with the Golfing Machine book by Homer Kelly. We have explanation videos from Paul Hart who makes Homer Kelly’s book easier to understand. You can also enjoy videos of other Golfing Machine Masters: Ben Doyle and Tom Tomasello.

No matter what your special interest in golf is – you can find it here, in our Master Coaching Academy!

The Platinum Level entitles the subscriber to a monthly one-on-one online lesson with Peter Croker, Chris Beckett or other high-skilled CGS Professionals.

Both Gold and Platinum Levels encompass ALL programs, (including the BEGINNING PROGRAM), instructions, videos, Q and A sessions, and webinars.