In this week’s Croker Golf Weekly we present the swing analysis of  PGA winners Nate Lashley, Sung Hyun Park, Steve Stricker and Christian Bezuidenhout.  We also have a featured yardstick drill lesson of the week, and more.

Lesson of the Week

The Yardstick Drill is unique to the Croker Golf System and is extremely effective in helping the golfer isolate and understand the component parts of the golf swing separate to the total motion.
We know that when a student has a problem in their swing from Putt to Chip to Pitch to Full Swing, they will have a problem duplicating that component in the YARDSTICK DRILL.
When we fix the Drill action of the student, the “swing flaw magically disappears – The “YARDSTICK DRILL” to a Croker Golf System Instructor is like an X-Ray Unit is to a Doctor. Please check out these “Yardstick Drill” Videos below.
If you would like a “FREE Video Analysis” of your Drill Action for the Chip Shot as shown by Peter in Lesson 1, please download the Skillest App onto your Mobile Phone or iPad or Tablet and apply the Voucher pcroker for a Free Analysis and lesson

KTG Advanced Module 3 Chipping Yardstick Drill with Peter Croker

Basic Yardstick Drill with Chris Beckett

Chipping Testimonial from PGA Professional Andy Gott where to start with Consistency Key to Golf

PGA Tour Results

Winner: Nate Lashley -25
Winner: Sung Hyun Park -19
Winner: Christian Bezuidenhout -10
No Event
No Event
Winner: Steve Stricker -19

Swings of the Week

Nate Lashley wins the Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit

Steve Stricker wins US Senior Open at Warren Golf Club, Indiana -19 under – daylight second – actually David Toms and Jerry Kelly 13 under

Sung Hyun Park wins Walmart NW Arkansas Championship at 18 under – wins $300,000

Christian Bezuidenhout South African wins Andalusia Masters 10 under – wins by 6 shots and wins 500,000 Euro

How to Book a Lesson with Peter Croker or Chris Beckett

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Full Golf Swing Setup  Q and A

In this week’s Croker Golf System Q & A session, Peter Croker and Chris Becket will continue covering important Key to Golf Full Swing Setup aspects . They include:

Advanced Full Swing Stance Alignment to Hips
Power Drill and Balance
Address Routine
How to Aim
The Waggle
The 3 Waggles
Full Swing from Different Angles

10 am Tuesday – Melbourne/Sydney Time
8 pm Monday – New York Time 

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More From Peter

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