Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy

Master Coaching Academy

The Master Coaching Academy gives you access to ALL training programs, a vault of over 420 training videos, Q&A sessions, and unlimited private one-on-one coaching to help you improve every aspect of your game.  For beginner to seasoned professional.
NB. The Master Coaching Academy contains all the programs and ebooks that can be bought separately.

Beginning Program

Contains everything that you really need to know from Putting to the Driver. Short and simple instructions, illustrations, and 40 videos will make sure that you don’t remain a beginner or high handicap golfer for long!
NB. This program is also included in the Master Coaching Academy.

 eBooks and the Hit Book

CGS ebooks incorporating video instructions designed to set you on the right path to playing your best ever golf.  From the beginner to the seasoned professional, all aspects of golf are covered in this unique in-depth series.
NB. The eBooks are also included in Master Coaching Academy.

Peter Croker Lightning Strike


Use This Simple Lesson To Hit the Ball Further With More Consistency And Accuracy… Guaranteed!

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