Qi.Golf, is an evolutionary fitness and golf training program incorporating the technical aspects of the orthodox golf swing with the healing and holistic body practices of Chinese Chi Gong.

Qi.Golf will

  • Eliminate your pain
  • Retune your golf engine (your body)
  • Retrain your engine to start properly and improve your percentage of solid contact

Think about it for a second. Swing without pain, swing in proper sequence, and get solid contact more and more often. If I gave you that in a magic pill, would you take it?

That’s your Why.  Qi.Golf is the magic but it’s not a pill. It’s slow and gentle movements that you can learn to get all those results.

Qi.Golf’s evolution started with a man called Bob Christadore.

Bob Christadore’s Story

My story is, I’d bet, similar to yours. However, I was lucky.  Hang tight and I’ll tell you all.

I started playing golf as a pre-teen on the East Coast. It was challenging to play as a youngster with no money and crowded facilities. But I tagged along with my Dad & Uncle when they played and chipped a ball a few yards behind them.

Arnold Palmer was King (and still is to me). I was self-taught and always “Went for Broke!”

I became OK and started shooting 80 (on the nose) as a teenager. After college,  I moved to California where access to golf was much easier. My friends and I played every muni course in the Bay Area.

Then I joined a Golf Club and my world changed. My new friends were taking lessons. What a concept! I’d had only 1 in my life until I joined (and that lesson only confused me).

Of course, I wanted to beat everyone so I joined in. My confusion only increased. I saw guys like Hank Haney, Peter Jacobson, Jim Hardy, and Rick Rhodes and many others.

There were periods when I played reasonably well. I was a mid-single-digit handicapper in my 40’s.

However, as my information increased so too did my confusion. And then I started having low back pain. Do you see a correlation? Instead of playing and practicing (I never liked the range), I was going to chiropractors and other doctors. They treated the symptoms, not the cause.

Fast forward 20 years and I was still stuck in the same loop. I stopped taking lessons but I did watch golf instructors online. My body still hurt from golf (and sometimes life) and my confusion continued because I didn’t have a clear path to the results I wanted.

I was so disgusted with that cycle that I almost stopped playing. But I decided that I loved golf too much and I was determined to find my way out of the fog and back into the clear (and the 70’s).

I finally decided that I needed to find a biomechanically correct swing sequence to eliminate undue stress on my body. And that decision made me want to get fitter so I could repeat that sequence over and over. That was my motivation.

Then one serendipitous day, I met Joe Pinella who shared his amazing story. Joe had an accident that left him a quadriplegic. Yes, you read that right. He was paralyzed from the neck down. Over a very long period, he used ancient Chinese healing practices (Qigong, Taiji, Ba Qua, Taiji Kung, and others) to heal himself completely! Think about it.  Read Joe’s Amazing Story of Recovery

He was teaching people how to… eliminate pain! My prayers were answered. Especially when I saw the system he was teaching. I said, “I can do that !” I was not a gym person. All I ever got there was sore and less flexible. This practice was the opposite: slow and gentle and could be done at home if I chose. 

Remember, I was looking for a fitness program that would help my golf by eliminating pain. After only a few weeks, I realized I was getting a lot more. Yes, I was getting fitter but I was also getting healthier! I was pushing back Father Time! 

I began to feel better than I had since… well maybe ever. My physicals went from “Let’s talk” to “Wow, how’d you do that?” Would you like you MD to ask you that? 

I was getting fitter and I could feel that in my swing. But my brain was still confused. How do I turn my Retuned Golf Engine into a golf game? I remember when I was playing my best that I could “see” the shot, and then just hit it. But my confused brain kept wanted to know “How?” I couldn’t supply a consistent answer. Sure, I’d hit a good, sometimes great shot, but I couldn’t recall why. And then I couldn’t reproduce them very often. Some days were a lot better than others. 

Now I’ve already told you what my goal was: play better golf. And, I told you, I was following all sorts of golf instructors, in person, on the Golf Channel, on the PGA Tour broadcasts and online. None of them ever mentioned fitness (except to show what Jason Day and Dustin Johnson did to workout… OMG!). And none ever mentioned how to create structure and connection in a balanced swing. Of sure, you’d get bits a piece that might be on point (I was listening carefully) but that wasn’t their core message. 

I rightly figured that if I could find the right golf coach that understood how to swing the correct way and that teacher understood how to marshall the qigong principles to the swing, I’d have the makings of a major shift in golf training that should be shared with the world.

One day I watched a video from Martin Chuck. Martin actually used the work “structure” and I knew I was on to the right thread. I called Martin and he told me that that concept came from Peter Croker. So I found Peter online and signed up for his program. And don’t you know it, Peter was talking about “structure, connected, biomechanically correct and Taiji and Qigong!” I’d found my guy! 

When I approached Peter about a collaboration, I got an enthusiastic “YES!”

Over the course of the last three months we – really Peter & Joe – with help from a small team of disciples, have created Qi.Golf. It’s the intersection of Qigong and Golf. It retrains your body and your brain to prepare you for golf and for life! What could be better than that? 

Qi.Golf is a grassroots evolution that is 7000 years in the making. 

Peter Croker’s Qi Golf Story

Approximately 15 years ago Croker Golf System owned the website taichigolf.com alongside crokergolfsystem.com and keytogolf.com.

The reason being that Peter Croker had taken up Tai Chi and saw the immediate connection as to the way Tai Chi and the Croker Golf System Swing Drills are performed when the student is gaining the maximum benefit from the Drill Practice.
When Bob Christadore reached out to introduce Joe Pinella and their Balanced Life Team approach using Qi Gong, it was an instant “YES”
The added benefit for our Students of Golf is building both a golf swing and a body that can make the best swing all in the one process.
Those who want more clubhead speed, better balance, a better focus of mind, and a “PAIN-FREE” body through playing Qi Golf will have it at their fingertips.
We invite you all to get a “FREE” Introduction and a SNEAK PEEK at Qi Golf –  Here is the link https://www.balancedlifeteam.com/offers/jGDpBSZh?coupon_code=PC100