In this week’s Croker Golf Weekly we present the Swing Analysis of Patrick Reed, Mi Jung Hur and Bo Hoag, a lesson of the week on how to take a body-friendly stance, Father’s Day Specials and more.

Lesson of the Week

How to take a balanced stance

Yardstick Drill – Set-Up Routine to take The Stance

PGA Tour Results

Winner: Patrick Reed -16
See European LPGA below
No event


Winner: Mi Jung Hur -20
No Event
No Event

Swings of the Week

PATRICK Reed wins the Northern Trust Fedex Cup at Liberty National -16 Abraham Ancer -15

Mi Jung Hur wins the Ladies Scottish Open -20 Lee 6 and Moria Jutanugarn – 16 from

Bo Hoag wins the Koran Ferry Tour Portland Open -22 SCOTT Harrington -20

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Free Full Golf Swing Bunkers Q & A

In the next Croker Golf System Q & A session, Peter Croker and Chris Becket will present Key to Golf Bunkers aspects

They include:
Bunkers Grip and Stance
Bunkers Movement
Hit the Line Drill

Advanced  Bunkers Grip and Stance


10 am Tuesday – Melbourne/Sydney Time
8 pm Monday – New York Time

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All Key to Golf videos for this Q&A session can be accessed from the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy which you can try for 7 days for only


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Peter Croker’s Qi Golf Story

Approximately 15 years ago Croker Golf System owned the website alongside and

The reason being that Peter Croker had taken up Tai Chi and saw the immediate connection as to the way Tai Chi and the Croker Golf System Swing Drills are performed when the student is gaining the maximum benefit from the Drill Practice.
When Bob Christadore reached out to introduce Joe Pinella and their Balanced Life Team approach using Qi Gong, it was an instant “YES”
The added benefit for our Students of Golf is building both a golf swing and a body that can make the best swing all in the one process.

Those who want more clubhead speed, better balance, a better focus of mind, and a “PAIN-FREE” body through playing Qi Golf will have it at their fingertips.

A Peek Into ‘pain free” Qi.Golf – FREE ebook – Click to Open

Your entry point to a “pain-free” and “power-laden” golf swing and game for a lifetime)

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