Peter  Croker’s Skillest Lessons 

Introducing the Online Golf Lessons – Skillest App

Skillest has revolutionized online golf lessons – you can now have 24/7 access to me, Peter Croker, so we can constantly keep on top of your golf game as it progresses.

Is There a Secret to Better Golf?

Actually, there is! The secret is to get frequent feedback from a Croker Golf System world-class golf coach.

Most people believe that in-person lessons are the best way to improve. They certainly are of great value when you can be in front of your Coach in person

But if you take lessons in-person and get seen once every 2-4 weeks, it’s too easy to get off-track between lessons.

What if you could get your swing looked at once every 2-4 days instead?

What if we sent you a video analysis of your swing along with the appropriate drill you could practice at home to help you improve?

What if you could message us anytime you had questions and hear back soon without having to wait for your next lesson?

Now, this is available to you using our Skillest Program!  


Skillest allows me to have students all around the world – from the #1 Lady Amateur in India to beginning golfers and Golf Coaches worldwide. I have students in Australia, Austria, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, Korea, South Africa.

It doesn’t matter whether you have access to a driving range, golf course, simulator, or a backyard setup with a Golf Net, if you have room to swing a club or do a drill, we can coach you!


Single Lesson – AUD$75 ($49 USD) – You send in videos to be analyzed and we customized drills specifically designed to help you practice.

60 Minute Live Video Lesson – AUD$130 ($99 USD)

One-off live video lesson suited to players who learn better in real-time. Please send me Face on and Down the Line videos beforehand with any relevant information.

Ten Lesson Package – AUD$699 ($500 USD)

All areas of the game can be worked on. Each lesson builds on the prior lesson and

Want to find out more? Let’s Chat!

Book in for FREE video consultation and let me talk you through the process and benefits of online golf lessons and how they can help you.

For the past 45 years Peter Croker has dedicated his life to understanding the great game of golf, firstly as a touring professional and then as a PGA golf coach.

His students have included prime ministers, golfing greats and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year.

He has played alongside champions such as Seve Ballesteros, Lee Trevino, Peter Thomson, Gary Player, Vijay Singh David Graham, Graham Marsh, Billy Dunk, Kel Nagle, Bob Charles,  Norman Von Nida, Paul Runyan, Sam Snead and Greg Norman.

He has also spent time with Ben Hogan, Tom Tomasello, Ben Doyle, Martin Chuck, Arnold Palmer and many others.

Peter has written three books, appeared on the cover of Golf Digest as well as writing numerous coaching articles for numerous golf magazines and publications.  He has also spent many thousands of hours studying under his mentors, sometimes questioning their methods and delving deeper when needed.

For the past 25 years, he has been developing what is now known as the Croker Golf System.

It has been the culmination of his entire life’s work and extensive teaching knowledge.

Peter would love to have you as his next student.

I wish I had meet Peter years ago and taken lessons then, in saying that he has already given me the skills to improve my game and a greater understanding of the game. I look forward to my lessons with Peter. Legend.

Jamie Leonard

My life long search for a golf swing and Coach is finally over. The Croker Golf System is extremely effective and my assistant coach Peter Croker is a great communicator. I say assistant because Peter teaches you to become your own personal coach. I would encourage any golfer in search mode to look into Peters program as it is great value for your money.

Douglas Belton

Peter is a wonderful coach and very patient. I am 62 and never played golf. I am enjoying learning and am looking forward to playing many games. Like Peter says – The skill and the thrill is in the drill. So I will keep practicing. Thanks Peter

Chiarina Menzel

The guy is a magician, improved my game immediately. Initially straightened up my drive and I gained 30m. Then we moved to the chip, took a bit to get out of my natural habits but we got there in the end. Peter is highly recommended as a golf coach.

Jason Davis