Teaching and Learning with the Experts in the US and Canada with Peter Croker

In this podcast Peter Croker and Jake Hower chat about Peter’s recent tour of the US and Canada. For Peter is was an incredible teaching and learning experience that gave him insights into how to radically improve every golfer’s game, both in terms of golf mechanics and that most important state of mind.

In This Podcast You Will Learn About

  • A 3 day school at Saticoy Country Club with Christo Garcia from My Swing Revolution and the Hogan Code
  • Dr David Wright and his formula for the correct stance width and posture for more power
  • The importance of starting and finishing the golf swing in balance
  • Introducing Vijay Singh to FocusBand mind training
  • PGA Teacher of the Year and Hall of Fame inductee Mike Adams and his very busy teaching schedule
  • Mike Adam’s integration of pushing and the A to B concept into his system
  • The success of Peter’s ‘super sticks’ workshop in delivering increased club head speed to all participants
  • Injuries as an indication of incorrect golf technique
  • Alleviating stress to deliver more power and consistency
  • Half day workshop with Brooke Henderson, Canadian sportswoman of the year and LPGA Tour Professional
  • Reflections on the LPGA tour and the accessibility of the players
  • Tim Cramer, happiness, and applying the right attitude for maximum results
  • Importance of combining technique with mind control
  • Customizing golf mechanics for different body types and states of mind
  • Future workshops in Australia, South Korea and the US

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