This program takes you through all the techniques, actions, and motions of golf – step by step, and easy to follow.  Practice at home by doing key exercises – they make a BIG difference and prepare you well to enjoy your time on the golf course.

Note: this is not just any of the many golf schools. Our program is DIFFERENT.

Designed to bring you constant progress. Simple but very effective. And it’s based on scientific research (more about that later).

Successes with our system can come as fast as this:

A very famous golf master got a short instruction from me. 15 minutes only. Then he could not believe his eyes: he hit the ball 20 to 30 yards further with his driver!

Just the other day there was a 15 year old boy, never able to score less than 100 for 18 holes. After our first lesson he scored 97.

One lady couldn’t hit the ball further than 80 yards with her 7 iron. She had one single lesson from me which took less than 30 minutes. Shortly after that she hit the ball further than 100 yards!

Some starting advice from Peter Croker, creator of the Beginning Program 

Please Note: The Beginning Program is also included in the Master Coaching Academy Gold and Platinum Levels