Learning the golf swing is very much like learning a musical instrument. It takes time, practice and a sound technique. To learn properly both should be learned using a step by step process. In learning a guitar for example, individual chords should be mastered to ensure smooth transitions and a solid rhythm. Without having first mastering the chords the rhythm will be chopping and inconsistent.

50 years of teaching experience has convinced Peter Croker that the golf swing should be learned step by step, first by learning the small swings, the chip and pitch before the full swing. It is with the small swings that one can experience the feeling of compression on the golf ball and the correct impact position. With this in mind the Beginning program starts with the grip and stance, building from there to the chip, pitch, full swing, rescue club and driver. Not only does this enable the student to develop a strong, consistent, and orthodox full swing, but also the other essential fairway and short game shots on the way.

With the added benefit of learning the putting and bunker play fundamentals, the Beginning Program is perfect for any beginner or high handicap golfer wanting a pain-free golf game that will provide enjoyment for a lifetime. 

In the Beginning program, Peter Croker provides short and simple instructions, plus 40 videos to ensure a satisfying and rewarding golf learning experience. The student can even ask questions online in a weekly Q and A, or by means of a question and comment section in the program itself. The Beginning program will make sure that the beginner or high-handicap golfer will not remain that way for long.

Some starting advice from Peter Croker, creator of the Beginning Program

In the following video sample, from the Grip module, Peter Croker describes the correct left-hand grip. If you ask someone who has never held a golf club to grip it, it is highly unlikely they will grip it in what might be described as an orthodox golf grip. Most people would normally grip it as they would a baseball bat, cricket bat or hockey stick, – in the palms of their hands. The orthodox golf grip, however, is taken primarily in the fingers and not the palms.

The Left Hand

Please Note: The Beginning Program is also included in the Master Coaching Academy.