The Developer of Blast Motion Golf Sensor Technology – Michael Bentley

Peter Croker interviews Michael Bentley, developer of Blast Motion, user friendly, highly accurate, advanced 3D motion capture sensor that when fitted to a golf club, captures, analyzes and displays a golfer’s action data in precise detail.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • Michael’s passion for motor racing
  • His time as a PGA tour player
  • Working with David Leadbetter and Gary Smith
  • How frustration with his own game and contradictory coaching advice lead to his involvement in golf bio mechanical measurement
  • Working with electro bio mechanics to collect data
  • The development of the K Vest
  • Pressure mats and the collection of data from the ground up
  • Ground force data, body data and club data
  • The constant desire to make things simpler
  • Developing golf sensors fitted into the actual clubs
  • Merging video with graphic information for a user friendly system
  • The lightness and precision of the Blast sensor with an accuracy of 1/10th of a degree

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