Playing golf and not “golf swing” is what allows you to score to your potential on the golf course.

The dilemma comes when your golf swing is under-developed and you expect to play a consistent game with control and power.

They say that “attitude builds altitude” and with a strong golf temperament, you can overcome any lack of technical skills. To a point, this may be the case. However, golf is more a technique based sport than many others and when a sports person competent in another sport comes to golf, many find that their temperament is tested to the limit.

The lesson I have learned when faced with this situation is to have two separate game plans.

Plan #1: When playing the game on the golf course do not focus on any highly technical swing thoughts. take a deep breath or two behind the ball and relax – take your stance and line up to your target – feel in balance and relaxed over the ball – hold the club with “soft hands” – Watch the Ball – Push the clubhead back low and slow in the takeaway – Throw the clubhead at the ball “A to B” – Fire the clubhead through the ball and up over the lead shoulder – finish in balance – SMILE!

Plan #2: When building the swing, one fundamental at a time, approach learning each fundamental with a specific drill designed to teach and train that fundamental to a precision and level where you do not need to focus your mind on applying this fundamental when it is blended into the overall swing motion.

With both Plan #1 & #2  – you need to repeat the exercise over and over before you can appreciate that you are gaining the results of the specific exercise (Drill)




In a nutshell, there is an exercise called “Doing the “Drill” drill.

Repetition of any exercise needs to be approached with the viewpoint that you are doing the “Drill” for the sake of just “doing the drill.” The end goal here is that after some time you are thinking less and less and feeling more and more. There is a transcendence from focusing on the specific movement to a level where it becomes a reflex action. At this time is where the “results” occur. Do not force the process – allow the flow to take you “out of your mind” and into a zone where you are “just playing golf”