Throughout life, we are confronted with an overwhelming amount of “What to Learn” but seldom are we exposed on the “How to Learn” side of the equation.
In today’s Blog, I will share some of the problems in learning golf or at least be taking your game to a higher level and how to apply the “Laws of Learning” to overcome these “Learning Barriers.”
Step 1: Are you willing to confront the journey?
It may seem a silly question, however, many golfers are looking for a shortcut to the process and therefore are never able to relax and enjoy the “Learning Phase.”
They say: “You are as able as you can Confront!” and this holds true when you wish to become a more competent golfer.


Here are some of the “Golf Words” that you need to know regarding the following “Basics.”

  • Grip                                                                                                *Start Downswing
  • Stance                                                                                            *Release
  • Waggle                                                                                           *Impact
  • Forward Press                                                                               *Follow Through
  • Takeaway                                                                                       *Finish
  • Backswing to the Top                                                                   *Body Pivot
  • Educated Hands

Success Story

Michele Ferrari (Student of Golf) – email of August 7, 2018
Hi Peter,
many thanks for having signed me up to your program! Everything now makes perfect sense and I am positive that with your system I will get to single figures, after many years of frustration and erratic progress…The things I didn’t understand years ago when I first tried your previous program are now clear and my chipping has already hugely improved. This time I’ll go through every detail painstakingly, as I realize the rewards are directly proportional to the degree of assimilation of the different components of the swing, which in turn requires considerable dedication.
All the best and I’ll keep you posted on my progress,