Thay say “Patience is a Virtue.”

However, when approaching the learning of golf and taking your golf to a new and higher level of competence, Patience is a MUST!

They also say that “Golf is 90% a Mental Game.” The Dali Lama would argue differently as if it was, he would be a super golfer – Golf is “physical game” and this must be addressed if you ever wish to “Enjoy the HIt! on a consistent basis.

The “Mind” is a powerful tool when it is used at the right time. Training in the correct Fundamentals using “Drills” is the perfect time and place for the mind to be involved in the process in the early and middle stages.

Ultimately when the “Flow State” is reached, the Mind takes a back seat and allows the Body-Brain Connection to dance together and create the golf swing and shot imagined.

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