This barrier to Learning and Succeeding in golf is the most damaging. The “Ego” does not want to admit it is having difficulty and is feeling “stupid.”

For a “Student of Golf (and of Life)” the solution is to ask the question: “What don’t I know here?” – wait for an answer and while doing so list “What do I Know here?”

You will be amazed that “What you do not know delivers up a “Question” to fit into the gaps between “What I do Know!”

PROBLEM: “Misunderstood Word or Concept” and the problems that it creates:

  • To help you appreciate how important the basic definitions of the fundamentals of the golf swing are, I would like you to first experience “The Power of a Word” by answering the following question without referring to Google of an Oxford Dictionary.
  • The question is: Is it true that when the crepuscule arrives, most golfers play worse? Is this true or false?
    • I have found that most students give me a funny look and then ask: “What did you say?”
    • When asked if they can duplicate the Question I asked, 99.9% of the students cannot.
    • The fact to learn here is that when you do not understand the word, you lose consciousness to what is going on and this disempowers you to a lesser or greater level.
    • Without knowing the power of the “Misunderstood Word and/or Concept” you will always become confused when attempting to become a competent and improving golfer.
  • SOLUTION: You can now consult your Dictionary and when the word “Crepuscule” is replaced by “Twilight” or “darkness”, every student can have their own answer.
  • When the Student does not comprehend the correct meaning for any golf term, to either a lesser or greater degree the hearing will shut down, and Confusion to a lesser or greater degree follows.
  • Golf language Deafness

The “Golf Language” that you most definitely need to know includes the following “Basics Definitions.”

  • Grip, Stance, Waggle, Forward Press, Takeaway, Backswing to the Top, Start Downswing, Release, Impact, Follow Through, Finish, Body Pivot, Educated Hands.