To All Students and Teacher/Coaches of Golf,

Firstly Happy New Year and may “Duplication become a Dream Come True” for 2019 and beyond!

I would like to share a segment from our new “A to B – Your One Drill to Better Golf” eBook and “Teach the Teacher Program –

Firstly I believe every person who plays golf MUST become a great “Teacher/Coach of Golf” as the first person we need to “teach/coach” is ourselves if we want to demonstrate competence in front of anyone we expect to “teach/coach” ourselves. After all, if we cannot do it, we do not know it!

The dilemma for the serious Golf Teacher/Coach is that 99.99% of all golf students are not serious about a comprehensive understanding of the Mechanics or the Mind Game or any other component of the golf swing and game, therefore as a “Teacher/Coach” we need to “dumb it down” for the masses. The problem here is that for the lifetime Professional Golf Teacher/Coach is: Where do we go to get the full bottle of knowledge for ourselves?

That has been my lifetime “search and discovery” mission and finally, we have something super valuable to share. Following is a sample from “A to B – Your One Drill to Better Golf” program which will be delivered over 8 x 1-hour Webinars starting with a FREE Introductory Webinar on January 14 at 8 pm New York time and January 15 at 8 pm Sydney time.

The A to B Drill Program – How to Train
(For the right-hand golfer)
Training the B to A – The Backswing

Forward Press Part 1

Forward press Part 2

Forward press Part 3

The 10-inch Drill (The Takeaway) 
This drill is in 2 parts The Forward Press and The Takeaway
Part 1 – The Forward Press
Starting in the address position with the correct grip.
Push from the top of the right-hand lifeline against the left hand above the thumb
– the left hand/wrist flattens
– the right hand/wrist bends
– the wrists remain level and vertical
– the right elbow bends slightly down and close to the right side
– the hands move forward slightly on a path parallel to the target line to a point where they block out the sight of the left big toe
– the rights shoulder rocks down slightly
– the left shoulder rocks up slightly
– the shoulders remain parallel to the target line
– the left hip rotates anti-clockwise 10 to 15 degrees with the right hip being center of rotation
– the left leg straightens slightly
– the right leg remains bent and right knee stable

Most golfers including Golf Teacher/Coaches are too busy trying to play the game or teach/coach the game and make a living and do not realize the need to have a thorough understanding of any one part of the overall game —- again not all their fault as the question begs “Where do I go for the complete program that will take me on a journey to an “ever-improving golf swing and game?” ——- Tom Tomasello told me: “Everyone has an opinion! They are like noses – they have holes in them and they smell a lot!” (He did refer to another part of the anatomy, but for the sake of censorship, “nose” will suffice) ———————————–Only when the Laws of Physics and Geometry are adhered to can we trust the information being delivered.

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