Great news! We are starting a regular weekly Educational Blog/Newsletter posting with the specific aim to help you improve your golf.

If it’s ok with you Croker Golf System will send you a weekly Newsletter that will include the following topics:
1. Croker Golf System Lesson of the Week – Tips to help you improve your golf
2. Deal of the Week – Exclusive offers for lessons and products that we think will benefit you.
3. Golf News of the Week – Update of what happened on tour in the last week and more.
4. Golf Swing of the Week – Analysis of one of the Top Golf Professionals in the world by us
5. Croker Golf System Success Story of the Week – Testimony shared by our students around the world.
6. Upcoming Golf Workshops and Schools – An update on upcoming special events and workshops available to you to bring your game to a new level.
7. History of Golf – A small understanding of the origins and customs of golf

Our goal is to connect more closely with you and to be able to help you improve your golf and have more fun playing this great game of a lifetime.
We would love your input in our weekly communication, so if you have any golfing news, testimonies, questions or successes that you are willing to share with us, we would love to include you. Simply send us an email to

1.  Croker Golf System Lesson of the Week

Where do you start to build Control, Power and Consistency in your golf swing?

Peter Croker and Jim Feree


Jim Ferree (US Champions Tour Winner) builds a “Chip Shot” with Peter Croker

As a first lesson in this new series I feel it is best to set the scene in the area of “HOW TO LEARN” and give you a real live example of how our MASTER COACHING ACADEMY delivers our Instructional material in just this way

– Click on the following:

Jim Ferree and Peter Croker – Chipping Drill – Building the Chip Shot from beginning in baby steps (This drill was done for demonstration purposes only on a practice green)

KTG Basic Full Swing Impact Zone Drill

2. Deal of the Week

3-Hour Swing Path and Power Workshop using MySwing 3D and Balance Plates $147 per student(Normally $197)


Discover what your full swing problem is by

1.    Measuring exactly what your body is doing in 3D and working on corrections to fix it

2.    Measuring how you use your body weight, balance and the ground for control and power and ways to improve these elements

See Upcoming Workshops and Events down below for further details.

3D Lesson

3D lesson

3. Golf News of the Week

Australian PGA Tour: 

Nexus Risk Services Southwest Open June 3 & 4, 2018

Winner: Braden Becker

Runner-Up: Brody Martin and Max McCardle


European PGA Tour:
ITALIAN OPEN – Gardergolf Country Club – May 31 to June 3, 2018
Winner: OLESEN Thorbjørn
Runner-Up: Francesco Molinari

The Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide
Muirfield Village GC,  Dublin,  OH  • Purse: $8,900,000
Winner: Bryson DeChambeau
Runner-Up: Kyle Stanley and Byeong Hun An

LPGA Tour:
Winner: Ariya Jutanugarn
Runner-Up: Hyo Joo Kim


2018 Asia-Pacific Classic

Winner: John Catlin

Runner-Up: Adam Blyth (Aust) & Natipong Srithong

Leaderboard: Tour:
REX HOSPITAL OPEN, Raliegh North Carolina
Winner: Joey Garber
Runner-Up: Hank Lebioda & Kyle Stanley

4. Golf Swing of the Week

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods going “A to B”

Tiger has returned to playing golf with his very talented and trained “Educated Hand Action.”

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods at THE PLAYERS Championship

Love his “IMPACT ZONE!” 

I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Como – the last “High Tech” Golf Coach who worked with Tiger Woods at the USA PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January 2018.

The week prior to the PGA Show was Chris’s last week working with Tiger Woods as his Personal Golf Coach. Chris Como is a super golf coach and he helped Tiger in many, many ways to understand the dynamics of the golf swing and how to use the “ground forces’ for power and control.

The trick to playing golf at your highest level, whether on the PGA Tour or with your mates in a social match, is to play golf and not “golf swing” .Tiger’s journey to arrive at the space where he is happy with his swing mechanics is a credit to all his past Coaches as they have all contributed much to his present swing.

I have such admiration for his return to the top level and to see at 42 he is among the longest off the tee and his iron play is of the highest level. It is only a matter of time before he wins his next Major.

Tiger Woods Golf Swing Analysis by Peter Croker

5.  Croker Golf System Success Story of the Week

This space is now available to share your golf learning successes with us all. Going forward we invite you to send us a YouTube “Unlisted” video (easily done using your Mobile Phone) of your “improved swing” and the “Drill” that made it most possible.

Colins Testimony from weekly golf clinics with Chris Beckett from KeytoGolf on Vimeo.

6.  Upcoming Golf Workshops and Schools Workshops in Brisbane and Melbourne

3 Hour CGS Power Workshop

Using the high-tech MySwing 3D and Balance Plates, we will transform your ability to use your weight and connection with the ground to create at least an extra 3 miles per hour clubhead speed (10 meters more distance) as well as more consistency seeing the ball contact improve and straighter shots

Dates:    Melbourne June 24 – 1 pm to 4 pm,
Brisbane June 25 – 9 am to 12 noon

Cost:     $147 (Normally $197)

Venues: Melbourne – Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Brisbane – Nudgee Golf Course

Incl:       Full Report of Analysis before and after, 3 hours golf instruction, use of MySwing 3D analyser and Balance Plates and Golf Balls.

People: 2 min and max 5

3 Hour CGS Control Workshop

Using our unique “Incremental Accuracy Program” we take each student through the baby steps to build control from short putts and chips, through pitch shots to full swing.

Dates:    Melbourne July 22 – 1 pm to 4 pm,
Brisbane July 23 – 9 am to 12 noon

Cost:     $147 (Normally $197)

Venues: Melbourne – Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Brisbane – Nudgee Golf Course

People: 2 min and max 5

3 Hour CGS Consistency Workshop

Using the high-tech Brain Frequency measuring product of FocusBand and its Apps to help train the brain to frequencies that promote higher levels of awareness, focus and coordination.
Through customised coaching you build an “Address Routine” that helps the processes of relaxation, visualization, focus, and a positive self-belief that assists and delivers optimum results both in practice and on the golf course – plus the added benefit of “having fun” during and following the process.

Dates:    Melbourne August 19 – 1 pm to 4 pm,
Brisbane August 20 – 9 am to 12 noon

Cost:     $147 (Normally $197)

Venues: Melbourne – Eagle Ridge Golf Course
Brisbane – Nudgee Golf Course

People: 2 min and max 5

FocusBand – Interview with Grant Waite (Champions Tour)

How Jason Day became a champion using FocusBand and how it helped me get rid of the yips

FocusBand Basics Vol 1

Golf Mind Putting Routine using FocusBand – Chris Beckett

How to Putt out of Your Mind using FocusBand – Peter Croker


7. History of Golf

A golf-like game is, apocryphally, recorded as taking place on February 26, 1297, in Loenen aan de Vecht, where the Dutch played a game with a stick and leather ball. The winner was whoever hit the ball with the least number of strokes into a target several hundred yards away. Some scholars argue that this game of putting a small ball in a hole in the ground using golf clubs was also played in 17th-century Netherlands and that this predates the game in Scotland. There are also other reports of earlier accounts of a golf-like game from continental Europe.


Hi Peter and Chris, What a wonderful program you have developed here. I’m a 20 handicap golf nut who has brought so many instructional books and DVDs and trolled the Internet constantly that I despaired that I would never find a program that would enable me to reduce my handicap.

Until I came across your program that is. I find it easy to comprehend and the questions and answers at the end of each instructional video ensure that I haven’t misinterpreted anything. Your instruction from all aspects of this wonderful game is outstanding.

Michael May

Hope you have a great week and see you soon

Peter Croker and Chris Beckett

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