Tim Kramer and the Emotional Foundations of Playing Good Golf

In this video Tim Kramer from Spirit of Golf presents his peak performance principals for playing your best golf from a positive ‘feeling good’ emotional state.

In This Video You Will Learn

  • Recognizing that a particular action at the time always feels like the right thing to do
  • Not berating yourself and leaking energy over something you could have done differently
  • Learning from past actions
  • Negative emotions and the importance of being in the right emotional state
  • Getting the inside right so that the outside falls into place
  • Improving physical sense perception through feeling good emotionally
  • Not being able to perform beyond how we perceive ourselves in relation to our game
  • It is always better to feel hopeful than pessimistic
  • How feeling good makes bad thoughts disappear
  • Playing one shot at a time in the state of feeling good
  • The concept of ‘believing is seeing’

Thanks for Watching!