We continue our  Christmas Special offers and present swing analysis of the all time great golfers Lee Trevino and Seve Ballesteros, together with slow motion swings of famous golfers, a lesson of the week and more  together with Special Discount offers and more.

Christmas New Year Special Offers 50% Off

The A to B Your One Drill to Better Golf is great program for building consistency and power by learning how to compress the ball.  You will gain increased club head speed and significant distance with all of you clubs. The book contains a wealth of information with 27 comprehensive videos.

NB: The one hour lesson is only available in Victoria and Queensland, Australia.

Price: 29.00
Reduced from $58.00

eBook plus 1 hour lesson
Price: $129.00
Reduced from $258.00

We invite you to check out a drill from the A to B Drill Program on how to consistently into position A at the top of the backswing. Just one of many great drill videos in this very invaluable learning program.

Martin Chuck from Revolution Golf and Tour Striker is a great advocate of the A to B Drill Program. Here he discusses and demonstrates how it has benefited both him with his own game, and the way he teaches his students.

Golf is very much blend of mind and body.

The goal of this book is to deliver the basic knowledge required to blend mind training with swing mechanics. This
combination will allow you to go out and experience “instant results” with your golf game.

NB: The one hour lesson is only available in Victoria and Queensland, Australia.

Price: 18.00
Reduced from $36.00

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Driving Long -The Movement

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