In this week’s Croker Golf Weekly we present the Swing Analysis of Arnold Palmer Invitational Winner Tyrrell Hatton, a Lesson of the Week on the Swing Alignment and more.

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We at Croker Academy of Golf and X Golf Mornington would like to help those who are suffering following the bushfires by raising money through the “A to B” CUP  and “A to B” SHORT GAME WORKSHOP at XGolf Mornington on Thursday, March 12, at 4 pm to 8 pm.

It will be a “fun” 9 hole competition preceded by our “A to B” Full Swing Clinic where you will learn to remove the slice or the hook from your game and gain more power and better compression on the golf ball.

We would love to invite you to sign-up by emailing (details below)

I look forward to catching up on this day and we will have a fun-packed day with the intention of raising funds to assist those less fortunate and who are recovering from these devastating bushfires that are destroying property and lives across Australia.

The Bushfire Fundraising Golf Event: 
VENUE: XGolf Mornington 1/177 Mornington – Tyabb Rd, Mornington 3931
DATE: March 12
TIME: 4 pm to 6 pm
CHECK-IN at 3.45 pm
COST: $25

Lesson of the Week

The Swing Alignment

For the golfer to build a consistent, repeatable swing, it is important that the hands remain in front of the chest at all times throughout the swing.

Why is this so important? This alignment is very much a part of the geometry of the swing. The golf swing is in effect the movement of the clubhead an inclined arc. And this occurs around the turning body in a movement commonly referred to as the pivot.

To understand why it is so important, consider the sport of hammer throwing. When the hammer thrower is revolving at maximum speed the hammer is directly in front of the chest.

This allows him or her not only to generate maximum centrifugal force and distance, but ensures a balance is maintained while turning at very high speed.


For the golfer, keeping that hands in front of the chest at all times in the swing serves a similar purpose. It enables him or her to be in an ideal impact position to generate maximum power at impact with balanced repeatable and consistent movements, without making swing compensations


When you swing the golf club to the top of the backswing the body turns with it.


1. With preferably a wedge, 8 or 9 iron, take your grip and stance, and swing the club to the top of the backswing, then hold your position.
2. Maintain the position of your arms in the backswing position, but move your hips back to their starting position.
3. Then move your shoulders back to the starting position.

If you have performed the backswing correctly your hands will be directly in front of your chest. Many will find though that their hands are to the right of the center of the chest – most commonly behind the right shoulder. From this position it will be difficult for most people to consistently deliver the clubhead to the ball for power and/or accuracy without making compensations that may be difficult to achieve and replicate.

Why Does This Problem Occur?

The failure to keep their hands in front of their body during the swing commonly occurs when players pull their arms across their body during the backswing, or when they start their takeaway with their hands and arms ahead of the body pivot.

A common takeaway for golfers to use is to cock their wrists at the start of the backswing.

When this “wrist cock start” to the takeaway happens, two major problems often occur:

1. The start to the backswing gets too quick and out of cinque where the hands, arms, and clubhead are at the top of the backswing (transition) well before the body loads into position.

2. The clubhead gets too much to the inside from the start of the backswing, resulting in the hands, arms and club coming in and across the chest. This makes it difficult to swing the clubhead on the correct downswing path.
Another golfer may start the backswing by freely swinging his/her arms across their body moments before the pivot of the body gets into motion.

This will also result in the hands, arms and club getting too deep behind the right shoulder at the top of the backswing.

In this swing model the Takeaway and Backswing for the full swing are designed to ensure the hands, arms, and club at the top of the backswing are in front of the chest when the shoulders are at approximately 90 degrees to the target line – an ideal position to start the club on the correct in-to-out downswing path to ensure solid compression of the ball at impact.
To perform this takeaway and backswing correctly however it is essential the grip and stance are correct. The stance because it is framework or structure around which the swing is performed, and the grip because it drives the whole swing. Indeed a correct grip in the is essential as the hands are the source of motion in this swing model, and the pushing actions that occur to start the swing originate in pressure points of both hands. If for example the grip is too much in the palms, rather than the fingers it will be difficult to provide the correct pressure at the hand’s pressure points

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A Success Story from Steve Cottingham, an A to B Program Golf Instructor

In 1995 I was lucky enough to come across an Australian Teacher “ Peter Croker”, who made a huge impact on my understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing, as well as teaching me not only “what” to teach but “how” to teach. I have no doubt that without Peters’s help, I would never have been able to assist so many golfers here in South Africa, but also in the many countries, I was fortunate enough to teach in.

More than 1,000 Golf Instructors worldwide have been positively influenced by the Croker Golf System and to this date, Peter is the only Australian Golf Instructor/Coach to have been given the honour of a cover story in Golf Digest Magazine, USA. His “A to B” Concept – “Dispelling the “Late Hit” Illusion” and “How to make Better Compression on the golf ball” was the reason over the years since 1992 when he first uncovered this “Paradigm Shift” in Golf Instruction (The PUSH CONCEPT and EDUCATED HANDS as THE SOURCE OF MOTION), he has continued to expand and refine his knowledge regarding the golf swing and how to best learn, teach, and play this game for a lifetime.

During this time, Peter has given lessons in the “A to B Program” to many winners on the PGA Tours of the world – Arnold Palmer, Peter Thomson, David Graham, Wayne Grady, Ian Baker-Finch, Seve Ballesteros, Vijay Singh, Mark Brooks, Simon Owen, Curtis Strange, Jim Ferree, Roco Mediate, Peter Senior, and others. Without exception, they all improved their compression on the golf ball within a very short amount of time during their first lesson. The same can happen for you!

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PGA Tour Results

Winner: Tyrrell Hatton -4


No Event


Winner: Jorge Campillo -13

No Event

Winner: Vince Covello -19
Winner: Ernie Els -16

Swing of the Week

Tyrell Hatton wins the ARNOLD PALMER Invitational at Bay Hill, Orlando -4 to Marc Leishman -3 —— Driver swing analysis

Tyrell Hatton “dead strength” lag putting on fast greens

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Put simply unless you have or develop sound golf swing basics that delivers consistency, accuracy and sufficient power you will probably not really enjoy golf beyond being a mere social outing.  In all probability you will become extremely frustrated with the game to the point of wanting to give it up.  Believe me we have all been there.

Fortunately we have developed the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy that will set you on the right path towards a most rewarding golfing journey so you can not only see where you should be going, but also be  provided with all the knowledge, procedures and feedback to enable you to get there.

Golf is very much a game of cause and effect.  It is also very unforgiving.  You cannot expect for example to hit a straight shot or a shot with a nice draw on the ball if you have what is known as an “over the top swing”.  No matter how many times you try to make the ball go straight it will always slice as a simple matter of physics.

The great Albert Einstein is quoted as saying

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

And so it is with golf.  Before you can really do something you must know not only how to do something but why you should do it to avoid doing what you should not do.

If we take the golf swing for example. The 2 most important principles to ensure consistency, accuracy and sufficient power are

  1. An “inside out” downswing path
  2. Being able to compress the ball at impact

Unfortunately neither of these things occur naturally when a beginning golfer starts out.  In fact even among golfers who have been playing for many years probably 80 to 90% don’t get these 2 things right. Without an understanding of what is required and the right coaching to get there, they never will.

It is not as though people do not want desperately to have consistency, accuracy and power. Go to any driving range and you will see people hitting the ball for hours on end, unfortunately reinforcing bad habits.

Like any journey a good orthodox golf swing starts at the very beginning.

Imagine you are in the center of a maze with many possible entrances out containing dead ends and passages back to the center, with only one or two enabling you to get out of the maze. You are presented with one of two choices.  What is the best way of getting out?

  1. Try every exit at random in the hope that one of them will lead you out.
  2. Use a map of the maze that shows you that way out.

Obviously 2 is going to be your best alternative if you want to get out in the minimum amount of time.

So when it comes to golf WHY is the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy the ideal place to learn how to get out of the golfing maze?

The Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy really is a golfing gold mine for any golfer of any standard and ability.  With over 50 years of golfing experience both as a touring Professional and World renowned teacher Peter Croker can guide, teach, and encourage you to bring out your best in all aspects of golf. The “Croker Swing” is designed to ensure you are able to execute the proper in to out down swing path and truly compress the ball in exactly the same way great golfers are able to do.

It all starts with structure. Make no mistake, without the proper structure at the start in terms of a good grip and solid balanced stance everything else will be a compensation.  You might eventually get there without solid structure but it might take years of trial and error before you can get out of the maze.

The moment of truth in any golf swing comes at the point of impact. Get this right and you will be in golfing heaven. Get it wrong and the sliced weak shot will let you know in no uncertain terms.

You have to know what to do, how to do it and why you need to do it.

A golf swing, although a smooth uninterrupted motion, is nevertheless comprised of many parts, any one of which can go wrong and muck up the rest of the swing.

A successful impact for example will only happen if the downswing is on the correct path and the hands are in front of the ball when the clubface makes contact with the ball at impact.   This will only happen with a successful downswing.   Well before this, the take-away must ensure that the club is not pulled to the inside. If it is, without compensations, you will not be on the proper downswing path.

Golf is a wonderful game but it does not just rely on athletic ability.  To get it right it must be learned.  The Croker Golf System Academy is the perfect place to learn.

1-month trial Membership to the Master Coaching Academy (67% Discount –
Normally priced @ US$29.97)

Total Price: US$9.99

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Mark Immelman from on his PGA popular Golf Podcast ‘On the Mark’ this week interviewed Peter Croker- listen to the full interview below. 

Episode Info

For over 45 years Peter Croker has dedicated his life to understanding the game of golf, first as a Touring Professional and then as a PGA instructor and coach. He has spent time with some of the game’s greats like Ben Hogan, Peter Thomson and Greg Norman. His students have included Heads of State, legends of golf and multiple PGA Teachers of the Year. Crocker joins ‘On the Mark’ to share his experiences, his approach to the golf swing and his opinions on what great ball-strikers do. He also shares tips and drills you can employ to improve your ball-striking.

Peter Croker’s “Pain Free” Success

We received the Cover Story in Golf Digest USA and Worldwide in 1995 following our introduction of a “paradigm shift” in the way to hit a golf ball with solid compression and long and straight to its target. The added benefit is that it took much-needed stress off the back and other body parts in the process.  Today we have added the practice of Qi Gong as delivered by Joe Pinella to our Golf Learning and Training Practice. I have been doing a daily practice of specific Qi Gong Exercises with the express interest in removing pain from 2 specific areas in my body

  1. The pain at the base joint of my left thumb and
  2. Behind my right knee and upper calf muscle

Neither of these injuries was golf-related but occurred in the gym when lifting weights in Cross Fit sessions. After 85 days of daily practice, I can now report a huge improvement in both areas where I was in pain that restricted my enjoyment in hitting a golf ball and playing golf Qi Gong is the grandfather to Tai Chi and many other Eastern Practices for body and mind. I have cured a chronic pain in my lower leg (could not bend down to tee the ball up from my right leg for over 1 year. Many attempts to heal the problem leg had failed – then came Joe Pinella and his Qi Gong Practice. He was a quadriplegic after a car accident at 42 and confined to a wheelchair by Western Medicine Standards. At 71 he teaches patients to remove pain from their bodies.and is highly successful.  After 77 days of doing the exercises, I am pain-free! — I will share some thoughts and videos here and hope you have the interest and time to view them. My Blog: – Qi Gong Videos Please check out these short videos from Joe Pinella to gain an insight into Qi Gong and how it integrates so well with the Drills of the Croker Golf System. Please watch this one first as it sets the scene for the journey ahead. 1 Piece of Paper –

  1. Slow & Gentle –  
  2. Yin Yang Fitness –
  3. Don’t Need Healing –’t%20Need%20Healing
  4. Slow & Gentle –
  5. Learning To Feel Is Real Learning 
  6. Qigong Is More Valuable Than Gold – 

Best Wishes, Peter PS: Please get back to me with your feedback – it will be greatly appreciated.

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 If you have any questions please ring me directly on +61415292549 to have your question answered. Competence leads to Confidence, and our aim is to help you build that Competence I hope you gain much for your game from these insights from the Master Coaching Academy, Croker Golf System, and my journey in golf since 1961 starting as a caddy at Royal Melbourne. Great Golfing and Enjoy the Hit!