Visualization and Physical and Mental Balance to Maximize Your Golf Game with Dr. David Wright

Golf Digest described him as the foremost expert on balance and Golf Magazine ranked his golf schools as number one in America. In this podcast Peter Croker chats in depth with Dr. David Wright about the cutting edge of golf teaching from the bio mechanics of an individual’s golf swing to the mental and psychological side of the game.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • David’s background in clinical and experimental psychology and his work with Dr. Frank Jobe and the introduction of the PGA fitness trailer
  • Gary Player and Nick Faldo as pioneers of golf fitness training
  • The growth of psychology in the game of golf after it was initially perceived as a stigma
  • His involvement with Mike Adams and E. A. Tishler in the Biodynamics swing program
  • Hip planers, torso planers and shoulder planers and famous golfers who fit into these models
  • The overwhelming popularity of David’s workshops among golf professionals
  • Assessing a person’s ideal swing based on size and body measurements and characteristics
  • The importance of knowing your ideal swing plane to avoid injury
  • The 9 regions of the core and how they affect stance width
  • How to know your ideal stance width with the assistance of a mirror
  • Achieving longer distance by understanding body symmetry
  • Balance and its direct relationship to vision
  • The problems created for themselves by people who live in the past and the future
  • Blocking meditation, mindfulness and biofeedback
  • How famous golfers worked on slowing down the mental process and getting into the moment
  • How flooding the brain under stress affects visualization and focus
  • How Sam Snead overcame performance anxiety
  • The power of positive visualization and deep abdominal breathing
  • The image of precise targets as a key to successful golf

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