To all those Teachers of Golf,                                                                                                                                     (and every golfer needs to be a great teacher as you need to “teach’ yourself),

When you KNOW, you can let go

When coaching is involved in any student’s quest to improve, the dilemma is that the more you “think” you lessen your chances to strike the golf ball with any level of consistency.

At some stage in the process of becoming a “competent golfer,” there will need to be some study and a lot of “trial and error.” This is where you can get stuck “THINKING!”

The study will involve your “mind” and the “thinking” process will start you on your “mind lead” golfing journey. The problem is that when you involve “thinking” it is much harder to coordinate the body, brain, mind, golf club, golf ball, and “YOU.”

Never fear! We have an answer for you NOW.

The answer is “To do “the Drill” drill.

By this is meant that each drill in the Master Coaching Academy has a specific purpose.

That purpose of each Drill is to train the hands, arms, body, and mind to develop a feel for the correct alignment and pace of a specific component that blends in to be part of a coordinated and powerful golf swing.

When you understand the purpose of any specific drill and you then go ahead and duplicate that drill – over and over – by doing the drill new understandings come into view as to what a good golf swing should look and feel like.

When you can do the drill with little thinking and more and more feel for the motion, balance, rhythm, and tempo – you are building the skill. This is “Doing the Drill – drill” and the SKILL and THRILL is in the DRILL

When you apply this “do “the Drill” drill”  for each component, you will move closer and closer to swinging the club by “feel” and less and less “thinking” will be required.

It is only when you know, can you let go and trust your swing and minimum thinking is then required!


Peter Croker

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