In this week’s Croker Golf Weekly we present the swing analysis of PGA Winner Matthew Wolff,  2 great left-hand drills for the chip shot and to ensure a controlled position in the impact zone,  together with valuable information on 2 upcoming  Q & A sessions on Qi Golf Q and the Full Swing Backswing.

Lessons of the Week

Building left hand control in a chip shot

Left Hand Drill for the Impact Zone


Are you like many of our golfing students? They have been avid golfers for many years. But find their golf is declining as they get older. Why? That’s the $64,000 question!

We searched and searched and finally figured it out. It isn’t totally to do with the golf swing. When you are in pain from a lifetime of injuries many of them golf-related, there is no way you can perform a quality golf swing. Your body and mind will not allow it!

“At 69 years of age, I Peter Croker, have been searching for a way to maintain flexibility in my body, remove the pain from below my right knee and at the wrist end of my left thumb, and improve the strength in back, legs, and arms at the same time – an “impossible dream, right!” WRONG!!!
I have found what I believe is the solution. I have been testing it out over a short period of time and have improved my flexibility & fitness. It is also improving the quality of my golf shots because it eliminated my pain!”

So what about you? Are you in golf pain? Do you think your golf would improve if were able to, once again, jump out of bed every morning and feel “ready to go?”

The solution is Qi Gong balanced with the Croker Golf System swing mechanics. This is a revolutionary approach to golf training that uses slow & simple movements to heal your body; eliminate bad motion patterns, and eliminate pain. It retrains your brain’s neural pathways to create perfect sequences and balance in every movement, unconsciously!

Qi.Golf is taught by two master coaches. Joe Pinella is a Qigong Master and Peter Croker is a Master Golf Teacher who was featured on the cover of Golf Digest.

Joe & Peter are introducing Qi.Golf on a FREE webinar on

July 16 at 8.30 PM USA Eastern Time. (New York)
July 17 at 10.30 AM Australia Eastern Standard Time (Melbourne/Sydney)

When you register for the webinar, you’ll receive a complimentary digital copy of Peter’s book: 7 Secrets to Mind Control in Golf.


Don’t worry. If you can’t make the live broadcast, register now you will receive a RECORDING that you can watch on your schedule.

Of course, being there LIVE will give you the opportunity to speak directly with Peter & Joe.


What you will learn may become the MOST IMPORTANT training ever.

It will change the rest of your life, not just your golf!

Thanks for your consideration,

Balanced Life Team in conjunction with the Croker Golf System

I’ll bet you have golfing buddies that could benefit from Qi.Golf, too. So, be a good friend, and let them know about this event. 

Qi Gong Master Joe Pinella’s Amazing and Inspiring Story

Interview with Qi Gong Master Joe Pinella

PGA Tour Results

3M Open
Winner: Matthew Wolff -21
Winner: Shanshan Feng -29
Winner: Jon Rahm -16
No Event
No Event
No Event

Swing of the Week

Matthew Wolff wins the 3M PGA Tour event at 22 under

How to Book a Lesson with Peter Croker or Chris Beckett

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Free Full Golf Swing Backswing Q and A

In this week’s Croker Golf System Q & A session, Peter Croker and Chris Becket will continue covering important Key to Golf Full Swing Backswing. They include:

 Full Swing Takeaway
The importance of the swinging club
Advanced Full Swing Low Loading
The Full Swing Body Pivot
The Full Swing Backswing to the top

8 pm Tuesday, July 16 – Melbourne/Sydney Time
6 am Tuesday, July 16 – New York Time

To register for the meeting go to

All Key to Golf videos for this Q&A session can be accessed from the Croker Golf System Master Coaching Academy which you can try for 7 days for only


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