We are offering a 1-month trial Membership to the Master Coaching Academy for US$9.99 ( 67% Discount – Normally US$29.97) where Members have access to all our Golf Game Improvement Training Products and much more. 


  1. Our latest Program “Pain-Free Golf” , along with
  2. The Key to Golf Training Program
  3. The “A to B”  Program
  4. The 7 Secrets to Mind Control in Golf Program
  5. Learning the Golf Swing – Principles and Practices
    6, Over 450 videos
    7. And Much More – (See Below)

1 Month trial Membership for US$9.99
( 67% Discount – Normally US$29.97)



The Key to Golf Program

Step by step training in all aspects of Golf – Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play, and a Body Friendly, Consistent and Powerful Full Swing.

The A to B Drill Program

The A to B Your One Drill to Better Golf is great program for building power by learning how to compress the ball.  You will gain increased club head speed and significant distance with all of you clubs. The program contains a wealth of information with  27 comprehensive videos plus the 12 Video A to B Webinar Program and How to Train Program.

The Pain Free Golf Program

How to avoid pain, strain and long term injury when playing your favourite game, and hitting the golf ball better than ever.

Learning the Golf Swing - Principles and Practices

Understanding the how and why of a modern body friendly, power laden, consistent and accurate modern golf swing and its various components.

450+ Taining Videos

An extensive library of training videos covering all aspects of the great game built on Peter Croker’s extensive knowledge of golfing experience as a Master Teacher and Coach.

Step By Step Learning Blueprint for the Swing

Peter Croker is a great believer in building a swing from the ground up, and he has done so here with incredible precision.
Starting with the grip and stance, he moves to a thorough explanation of the impact position, the chip shot, the chip pitch, the pitch chip, the full pitch and finally the full swing.

Secrets of the Swing

This series of videos presents the Croker Golf Swing in nutshell.

The Laws of Accuracy Program

Sasha Novak’s unique program shows you how to train properly for accuracy and consistency.

The Mind Control in Golf

Golf is not just about good technique.  A great golfer must have an unflustered and relaxed approach to the game.  It is a game to be enjoyed, and your state of mind when preparing for and playing the game is so important.

1 Month trial Membership for $9.99
( 67% Discount – Normally $29.97)

Pain-Free Golf Sample Video