Master Coaching Academy Cards
Master Coaching Academy Cards
As a major Christmas Present, I would like to offer the very special “Gift of Golf” to include:
  1. The Master Coaching Academy Annual Membership (normally $397USD annually)
  2. An Individual Skillest 1-Hour Live Online Lesson with Peter Croker (regular price – $99 USD)
  3. https://crokergolfsystem.com/golf-and-holiday/ (valued at a minimum price of $575USD)
Please package these 3 products together for $197 USD ($275 AUD) – Total Value – $1071 USD ($1490 AUD)
We have a limited number of these combined products to be available as a Christmas Gift. Please purchase early to avoid missing out!


Please note that if you purchase any of the products below you will also receive a free Skillest online lesson from Peter Croker valued at USD$99.  

Peter Croker’s best selling original hard cover 1994 book The Hit – outlining a simple, and Natural Way of hitting the golf ball long and straight.

Full of great instructional written material and illustrations.

The Price is inclusive of postage anywhere in the world.

Price: US$75.00


 The information contained in all the following ebooks can be purchased here or by becoming a member of the Croker Golf System Members Academy where it is readily available.

The A to B Your One Drill to Better Golf is a great program for building power by learning how to compress the ball.  You will gain increased club head speed and significant distance with all of your clubs. The book contains a wealth of information with 27 comprehensive videos.   

Price: US$39.95


A Specific Set of 15 Drills Designed to Improve Your Game

Each drill has been developed over the course of the last 25 years and focuses on a specific key component of your swing.

The Key to Increased Power, More Control and Consistency in Your Game

When done correctly, these 15 simple drills will help form your complete swing and give you increased power, more control and consistency.


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Enjoy Pain Free Golf

Comprising 35 Videos

How to avoid pain, strain and injury when playing your favourite game while hitting the ball better than ever.


Price: US$39.95


Golf is very much blend of mind and body.

The goal of this book is to deliver the basic knowledge required to blend mind training with swing mechanics. This
combination will allow you to go out and experience “instant results” with your golf game.

Price: US$39.95


This series of 74 videos is the most in depth explanation of how to build the swing Peter Croker has ever produced.

Peter is a great believer in building a swing from the ground up, and he has done so here with incredible precision.

Starting with the grip and stance, he moves to a thorough explanation of the impact position, the chip shot, the chip pitch, the pitch chip, the full pitch and finally the full swing.

Price: US$50.00

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